Rinnai America – Water Heater Installation

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Rinnai America – Water Heater Installation

Rinnai America – Water Heater Installation

Rinnai America – Water Heater Installation: Rinnai America Using VR to Demonstrate How Easy It Is To Install A Tankless Water Heater – Increases Lead Generation by 50%.


Rinnai America hired Groove Jones to create a VR experience for DIY’ers and professional installers to see how easy it is to install a tankless water heater. The VR experience was launched at the 2018 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Atlanta to rave reviews.

For those that have heard about tankless water systems, but are overwhelmed by what it takes to install one, this VR experience is the key to overcoming those fears. In no time, you get a first hand experience of installing Rinnai’s newest system while a crowd cheers you on at the IBS trade show.


“Feedback was phenomenal from both customers and employees. The VR platform added a new layer to our tradeshow presentation, improving lead generation by 50% over previous years.”

– David Federico, Senior Brand Manager
Rinnai America Corporation



Yank the Tank – Learn by Doing

Groove Jones worked with Rinnai’s agency, Hitchcock Fleming & Associates on the experience, appropriately titled – Yank the Tank.

Yank the Tank starts off with a fun twist to remove an old water tank and ends with a business call to action.

First of all, participants take their pick of fun tools to smash up an old water tank in VR before they replace it with a new Rinnai® Sensei™ tankless system.



Choose from a Lightsword, Sledgehammer or a frying pan. These “tools” immediately get the user into the action as they smash away at the rusty old water tank before removing it.



The lightsword is fun, but the sledgehammer really gives the user a good workout. Within 30 seconds, the old water tank is ready to be yanked!



After “Yanking the Tank” the user walks through the step by step process of installing the Sensei tankless system.



There are a few practical challenges in the experience to educate the user. They have to determine with type of gas line to run as well as selecting the size of venting needed for the job. The application walks you through the decision making process, providing hints and suggestions during the installation.





The Production – Learn By Doing

There is significant research that shows that people learn by doing. By taking part in an experience that simulates the installation process, a person will gain more confidence in their capabilities, versus just watching a demo video. The VR experience uses the HTC Vive headset and controllers to allow participants to fully interact with the environment.

As part of the production, Groove Jones visited Rinnai’s headquarters near Atlanta GA to learn about the installation process and used actual product parts when creating the 3D objects in the VR experience. The team collaborated with Rinnai’s training teams to make sure the experience is as close as possible to what a person would experience when installing it themselves.


“They took time to understand our company and our products. Ethan went above and beyond to engage with our customers and employees, essentially functioning as part of our team. They were a great partner.”

– David Federico, Senior Brand Manager
Rinnai America Corporation



From Trade Show to Road Show –

In 2018, Rinnai launched the #TryRinnai tour for game-changing new products, hands-on virtual reality installs, new product rebates, exclusive Rinnai gifts, and complimentary refreshments.



The tour consists of 8 vehicles outfitted with the fully portable HTC Vive VR experience with nearly 800 stops planned in 2018. This is the same experience that Rinnai is using at their trade shows.



About Rinnai America

Rinnai was founded in 1920 by Hidejiro Naito and Kanekichi Hayashi, who quickly established a tradition of constant improvement. They started by manufacturing and selling pressurized oil cooking stoves. By the early 1930s, they expanded into gas appliances, including cooking stoves, ranges and space heaters; and since 1964 Rinnai has been efficiently heating water. Today, more than 30 million Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters have been installed worldwide. For more information visit https://www.rinnai.us



STUDIO: Groove Jones


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