REWILD Our Planet

REWILD Our Planet

REWILD Our Planet

A multi-sensory experience that repairs the connection between human beings and the natural world, based on the Netflix original documentary series Our Planet.





Immersive Technology

This mobile ARCore application uses cutting edge immersive technologies to build compassion for our fragile world. Each realistic 3D biome emphasises the beauty of the natural world, but also the role humans play in reversing the loss of nature.





Spatial Voting

This world-first spatial voting system asks users to vote with their feet and recognise decision-making in a physical way. By standing in the zones corresponding to each biome, users decide together which biome to explore.






Moving around means that users can interact with magical animal encounters and weather patterns, before needing to bring these elements back to life.

New 3D modelling, texturing and animation techniques extend the stories of Our Planet into the physical world.

The biome terrain is dewilded before your eyes, representing the real impact human life is having on our planet.

The faster users work together and move around the playspace, the faster the biome will rewild.

Making a pledge means you recognise the need for collective action. The pledges left behind persist over time, leaving their mark on the experience.

REWILD users have joined thousands of people around the globe in adding their Voice for the Planet, calling for urgent action to safeguard nature.





AR Gameplay

The biomes come to life with a best-in-class play sequence, crafted to reflect stunning visuals from the Netflix original documentary series Our Planet.





Sustainable Design


A bespoke holo-crater stabilises the AR gameplay, making it highly localised and easily scalable, while contributing to a futuristic aesthetic.


By using up-cycled sustainable materials and limiting waste, the modular platform reflects the UN Sustainable Development Goals.





REWILD Our Planet is truly an experience that encourages positive social change with the power of immersive technology.


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By | June 10, 2020

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