Impulse Machine is an international company with offices in New York city, Moscow and Singapore. Impulse Machine delivers projects with the highest graphics level and overall quality. Company is truly proud and honoured for creating turnkey solutions for entertainment and retail industries, but is always up for new challenges.

As Impulse Machine’s parent company provides marketing services, VR production is often implemented within joint projects. While working on few projects with Retail companies, Impulse Machine realised there is a huge demand for next-gen insights coming from the whole industry. That’s when Impulse Machine released Retaility.





Challenge: Every FMCG/CPG manufacturer and retailer understands the importance of researching customer behaviour at the point of sale, however, current approaches are inconvenient and costly due to their low technological effectiveness. Research in a real store entails organizational difficulties: the need for an agreement at each point, real traffic vs. expected traffic, the impossibility of changing the layout, practical impossibility of installing surveillance cameras, etc.

A hall test with an imitation of store shelves gives a limited number of test options (maximum of 5-6 options for the object of study: layout planograms, POSM locations, etc.). Conventional quantitative polls about consumer behaviour only reflect an opinion about the fact: “What would I buy while in the store?”. A set of methods may be a solution, but it would mean long processing time and data compilation, and it is expensive.





Solution: Retaility is a platform for conducting shopper research in virtual reality, based on physiological feedback and machine learning methods. Platform includes pre-built point of sales (POS) of most popular types so that client could conduct a study at any retail environment he wants to get insights from. Impulse Machine provides the full set of equipment and hardware so the study can be conducted anywhere – even in a conference room. Respondents just put on the headset and immerse in the retail shopping experience while client gets insights on any interaction user has in VR environment – uplift time, vision tracking, heat maps, pulse, attraction and other metrics Impulse Machine gets from eye-tracking, galvanic skin response and EEG meters built-in the hardware.As Impulse Machine is partner of Neurotrend lab, clients also have a feature to get the turnkey insight-report for the study.



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VR, Retail May 3, 2020 by Alvin Manalac