Real-Time AR Simulator for Plastic Surgery



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Real-Time AR Simulator for Plastic Surgery

Real-Time AR Simulator for Plastic Surgery

ILLUSIO is an AR-based visualization platform. It’s a SaaS-based medical software company specializing in augmented reality visualization systems for plastic surgery. Their current platform combines a 3D scan of a patient with a Virtual Mirror to create a revolutionary surgeon consult experience. It’s is a revolutionary communication tool that allows patients to see their future selves before committing to plastic surgery. Most importantly, their visualization platform empowers women so that they are much more engaged in the consult process and in making permanent decisions about their bodies.

It’s Time For ILLUSIO!

ILLUSIO is positioned to grow its business into other aesthetic procedures such as liposuction and abdominoplasty. In addition, their core functionality is based on data analysis and artificial intelligence. The future for visualization is AI-based predictive modeling based on historical data.

A Virtual Mirror to See the Possibilities of Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Its beauty is in its simplicity. The ILLUSIO platform is highly engineered behind the scenes, but features a simple user interface and answers a simple question: how will my body look after breast augmentation? The result is this “Virtual Mirror” that plastic surgeons can hold up to patients, manipulating it in real-time according to that patient’s preferences and how they see themselves on the screen with their new breasts.

A surgeon or surgical professional uses an iPad to take an image of the patient’s upper body and in under two minutes, ILLUSIO™ PRO transforms that image into a 3D rendering. Surgeons use this as a tool to facilitate a visual discussion about possible surgical options for the patient’s unique anatomy, showing the patient what these options would look like post-surgery. The patient can turn side to side to show multiple angles of her virtual breasts, and size, roundness, sag, and lift and cleavage can all be edited in real-time.

Their proprietary system begins with a 3D scan of the actual patient. They then process the tens of thousands of datasets within that scan to create a rendering that can be manipulated in real-time to showcase all of the possible outcomes of surgery.

This is a disruptive technology that is changing the surgeon-patient communication experience. As a result, ILLUSIO is seeing increased conversion rates of patient consults to booked surgeries. In addition, patient satisfaction rates and referral rates are increasing.


By | October 21, 2021

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