Raypak AVIA Pool Heater Installation VR Training

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Raypak AVIA Pool Heater Installation VR Training

Raypak AVIA Pool Heater Installation VR Training

Using VR to demonstrate product features and mirror real-life step-by-step installation through immersive learning.

Raypak, Inc. hired Groove Jones to create a VR demo for residential and commercial pool professionals to experience the steps of installing the new AVIA pool heater. The VR experience highlights the pool heater’s features and walks the user through the complete installation process.

The VR demo takes place by the backyard pool and hot tub, where the participant learns how to replace their old pool heater and install the new AVIA system before a party.

It begins by teaching the user VR basics to acclimate them to the new world. After placing Raypak branded safety equipment on, the user is tasked with removing an old pool heater unit.

After removing the old pool heater, the user walks through the step-by-step process of installing the AVIA system. After placing the AVIA pool heater unit on the pad, they connect it to the existing water and gas lines.

Each step is highlighted by instructional modal popups, making it easy for the user to understand and complete the installation process.

As the user progresses through the experience, completing installation steps using their virtual hands, they are given additional instruction and guidance by a fully voiced narrator.

Once the pool heater unit is in place, and the water and gas lines are connected, an animated digital overlay highlights the pool heater’s attributes to reinforce the key selling points.

Raymote™ Mobile App Demonstration

After installing the unit, the user can experience the mobile Raymote App, which connects with the pool heater and activates various enhanced features with the system.

The Raymote mobile App demonstrations allow the user to experience the full range of features of the companion App, like turning on the pool’s waterfall, lights, and fountains. It also allows the user to adjust the heat, turn on the hot tub, and schedule the heater to have the pool ready at a specific time.

The Production – VR Training and Demonstration is Learning By Doing

There is significant research that shows that people learn by doing. By taking part in an experience that simulates the installation process, a person will gain more confidence in their capabilities versus just watching a demo video. The VR experience uses the HTC Vive Pro headset and controllers to fully allow the user to walk through an install and product demonstration.

VR Mobile Tour

The VR demo is part of a mobile tour that will cover the North American markets this year. The tour consists of 3 sprinter vans outfitted with the fully portable HTC Vive Pro system.

COMPANY: Groove Jones

By | July 20, 2021

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