Nuclear Radiation Safety

Cineon Training

The brief:

This project was driven by Innovate UK and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority with the aim of designing and developing a virtual reality simulation (VRS) training tool, which can be used by nuclear industry operatives to train in procedures and processes relating to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The VRS training tool needed to be an immersive, high fidelity, virtual reality training tool that would enable trainees to practise and rehearse procedures relating to PPE, in particular the use of air-fed suits. The purpose of this is to ensure these procedures are effective and safe, before performing them in ‘the real-world’, thereby minimising the risk to operators and enabling users to improve perception of hazards.





This proof-of-concept project was led by a team of academics and industry partners with extensive experience of virtual reality simulation, the psychology of learning, and a detailed understanding of the technical processes associated with Nuclear Decommissioning.






In this first proof-of-concept phase of the project, Cineon Training built and delivered a working prototype of the VRS training tool using real-time gaming design software.

Following advice from safety experts and following industry procedure, Cineon Training developed a virtual dressing room environment and a virtual air fed suit, which enables trainees to practise and rehearse procedures relating to PPE.

Operators are tasked with following instructions and correct procedure to learn how to appropriately inspect the suit. Cineon Training also built in to the experience virtually generated faults, which users must identify in order to demonstrate learning outcomes, when performed in the ‘real world’.






The VRS training tool provides, (1) improved training outcomes for learners, ultimately leading to improved safety outcomes; (2) more efficient training delivery, placing a lower time burden on personnel and resources; and (3) a more cost effective and sustainable form of training.

The project has since moved into a second phase, where the training tool will move from prototype phase into creating a working, fully functioning simulation tool. This simulation will feature more detail in the dressing procedures, enhanced analytics and improved hazard identification stages.







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