Nexus 2019

Sector 5 Digital


Create a memorable campaign that launches at CES 2019 even bigger than 2018, but can continue on through 2019 other trade shows. Position Bell as the industry leader who has the experience and knowledge to get the air taxi created.






Sector 5 Digital (S5D) helped design the aircraft using 3D modeling and developed multiple scenarios to create photo-realistic visuals used as part of the VP of Innovation’s Augmented Reality presentation as well as in an AR app to show scenario, interior views and showcase partners. The visuals were also used to create a teaser video and website assets. A flight simulator using HTC Vive headsets and motion bases were created to gather data from attendees that Bell will use to develop flight controls in future aircraft​.






Delivered an amazing experience that showcased the innovation and expertise of Bell.






  • Best of CES 2019 Finalist
  • Exceeded last year’s CES numbers by 74 percent and an exponential increase of 218 percent more total engagements.
    Reached more than 6 million unique Twitter users and earned more than 1.5 million unique YouTube views from media and influencer channels who filmed at the booth.
  • Over 2,360 stories – with 48% from traditional media and 70% of traditional media outside of North America. Bell’s key messages were included and had more coverage than Intel, Audi and Mercedes Benz combined.
  • Notable Outlets & Influencers: MSN, Yahoo News, CNET, USA Today, Wired, IGN, Engadget, Digital Trends
  • GES Awards:
    – EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Best of CES list, which honors the 20 best exhibits from among the more than 4,400 at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show.
    – ABA Stevie Bronze

STUDIO: Sector 5 Digital

VR, AR, Marketing April 18, 2020 by Alvin Manalac