National Geographic “Mars” Season 2



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National Geographic “Mars” Season 2

National Geographic “Mars” Season 2


National Geographic was looking for an innovative channel to promote season 2 of their show ’Mars’ to a mobile audience. Their primary demographics are tech-savvy 24 to 35-year-old males based in the US.

The core objective was to better understand how fans interact with the messaging by leveraging our gaze tracking technology in immersive environments.






NatGeo is already a Verizon media client, so it was a no brainer for them to use Admix, which is plugged into Verizon’s DSP. NatGeo provided standard banners and VAST assets, which Admix is able to repurpose for an optimum view in-play.

Because of this, NatGeo was able to manage their campaign from the Verizon interface without the need to build custom creative, which saved them time and money.






Since NatGeo wanted to reach mobile users, Admix identified VR apps matching NatGeo’s audience very closely. With over 700k monthly active users across these apps, Admix estimated being able to reach over 150,000 US users in VR during the 6 weeks of the campaign.


  • reached 185,000 US users immersed in VR apps
  • unique in-play engagement metrics show the audience spent a total of over 11h directly looking at their brand
  • achieved a total of 235,000 impressions and created a memorable experience that fit their new campaign’s objective




By | December 2, 2020

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