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Murus – AR Paintings Catalogue

Murus – AR Paintings Catalogue

The challenge

Murus, an online art retailer, wanted to improve the AR visualisation capabilities on their website, to enable their customers to virtually try-on artwork in their home, thereby improving conversions.

Murus have a catalogue of 600 to 800 paintings, and they wanted to ensure that every single piece in their catalogue was available for AR visualisation by their customers. They had previously experimented with an AR visualisation widget, but it was only available on iOS and they were looking for better functionality.

Poplar Studio’s approach

In order to empower Murus to display their entire catalogue of paintings in AR, Poplar Studio created a tool that converted all their paintings into 3D models cost-effectively and quickly.

The AR experience can be accessed by going on any product page and tapping on the call-to-action ‘View On Your wall’ using a mobile device. Alternatively, on desktop, a QR code pops up that the user can scan in order to access the experience. This launches the AR visualisation experience, enabling users to ‘place’ the painting on their wall in order to see how it fits the space. The 3D models are true to scale and have realistic lighting, making them an extremely accurate representation of what the paintings will look like in the user’s space.


Paintings are currently available to be visualised within a white frame modelled directly from one of the frames Murus provides among their options to customers. They are also planning on incorporating the remaining frames, making the AR tool a great way to visualise not only the paintings, but also the variety of framing options available.

The experience has been published using Web AR technology, making highly accessible to everyone, as all it requires is a mobile browser, rather than an app, in order to access the Murus website. With this AR experience, Murus have become true trailblazers in the commercial artwork visualisation space.

Since the launch of the experience, 12.13% of ecommerce revenue has been attributed to customers who engaged with the AR painting visualisation tool.

“Our mission has always been to make buying art online easier and more accessible. We knew from speaking to our customers one of the biggest pain points in buying art online was the inability to visualise what a piece of art would look like in their home. The solution developed through our partnership with Poplar Studio solves this problem and gives our customers an unprecedented service, offering the full augmented reality experience across our entire catalogue of affordable original art.”
– Rose O’Shea, Co-founder of Murus

COMPANY: Poplar Studio

By | August 18, 2022

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