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Morild Navigator – Ship & Bridge Simulator

Morild Navigator – Ship & Bridge Simulator

Morild Interaktiv launched the world’s first VR ship & bridge simulator back in 2013 in co-operation with Rolls-Royce Marine. Now they present the next generation which enables you to train ship handling, navigation and bridge resource management (BRM). In addition, you can collaborate with colleagues on the same vessel in the same scenario – even when located at multiple locations around the world.

Morild Interaktiv’s simulator is built around DNV GL’s standard for maritime simulator systems (DNVGL-ST-0033), for Class A full mission simulators.





Morild Navigator is a full mission ship & bridge simulator based on virtual reality (VR) Technology. Unlimited number of users can train together in the same scenario on the same or on different vessels. This is done using avatars, enabling the user to see and talk with the other participants in the training exercise. And the best part – they can be situated all around the world and join in the same scenario. Their solution scales very well to complex scenarios.

The key to making the best VR trainings simulators is dedication to interaction. Morild Interaktiv have developed their own VR interaction engine which makes hand interaction natural to the end user, enabling them to focus on the training exercise instead of operating the training simulator technology. Morild Navigator provides advanced physics based hand interaction which enables you to operate the fully virtual bridge consisting of joysticks, handles, touch screen displays, radio, searchlight panel and much much more.





Morild Interaktiv also present a new innovation in Morild Navigator – interactive virtual touch-screen displays. This functionality is used for the ECDIS, ARPA radar, conning and AUX applications on the bridge, and provides easy and accessible handling. And, since the bridge is virtual, they can integrate any application of your choice on the virtual tocuh-screen displays. This is another component that opens up a whole range of new possibilities.

Morild Navigator also features a new ocean system with advanced spectrum simulation. This provides stunning visualisation and realistic physics behaviour. The system features JONSWAP, Pierson-Moskowitz and Phillips Spectrums. Their physics engine has accurate and realistic wind and current drift models, which are based on individual vessel geometry. Realistic features for mooring and towing is also included.





Features & functionality

  • Advanced realistic physics simulation
  • Multi-user functionality – avatars w/voice communication (via LAN and/or internet)
  • Advanced instructor station & scenario builder
  • Physically accurate navigation light simulation
  • Recording and playback of training sessions
  • Second to none visual realism, quality and immersion
  • Vessel & bridge configurator (“Vessel Builder”)
  • Possibility for custom vessel and bridge
  • Searchlights
  • Autopilot w/ECDIS path track integration
  • ARPA Radar
  • Conning
  • AUX
  • Automatic rudder man avatar w/voice control
  • Portable solution (fits in a laptop backpack)





Scenario builder

An integral part of Morild Navigator is the Morild Builder instructor station and scenario builder. With the Morild Builder you can create, control and manipulate complex scenarios in realtime. The application is also used as an advanced instructor station during scenario training, and for playback analysis in debriefing. It can also be used as a tool to plan operations, and it features realtime weather and sea state parameters, daylight system, advanced voyage route editing and much much more.

Morild Interaktiv is also developing a new vessel configurator module, where the user can setup both propulsion system and bridge handling equipment (including control system configuration).

Instructor station

Morild Interaktiv’s tablet application gives the instructor full control of the training session. The instructor can also communicate wirelessly with the training candidates using the tablets microphone and speaker.





Functionality overview:

  • Time of day control
  • Ocean wave spectrum parameter adjustments
  • Wind & current direction and speed
  • Visibility adjustment (fog)
  • Rain / snow
  • Alarms
  • Multi-user role/position assignment
  • Voice communication with participants
  • Spawn vessels






  • Portable – train anywhere and anytime, even on site / on board vessel
  • Multi-user – collaborate in the same scenario, from same or different locations
  • High training volume – simulator allows trainees to repeat training without increased cost
  • Safety – no risk of harm or damage to personnel or equipment
  • Cost effective – both in acquisition and operation (hardware: only laptop and VR headset)
  • Scalable – add simulators on demand to train more personnel
  • Virtual configurable equipment 100% match real world





Plans and pricing

Morild Interaktiv’s subscription plans are designed to reduce cost in acquisition of training simulators, and to scale and follow your business model and needs.

COMPANY: Morild Interaktiv AS

By | November 19, 2020

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