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Minipeeps ARGram App

Minipeeps ARGram App

The cutest messaging app ever!

What’s ARGram App?

It is the first AR communication app that allows its users to send text, voice messages, or music tracks to their loved ones. To use it, a user needs to buy Minipeeps merchandise (Geetoy or Memomug) and scan a QR code using an app.

Client’s Wants & Needs

Send Messages in a Fun Way
Minipeeps wanted its customers to send messages in a super fun way. So, they came to us for an exciting and engaging app that supports AR-based communication.

Combine Greeting Cards with Toys
The brand’s plan was very interesting. They wanted to create a product by merging greeting cards and collectible toys.

AR-Based Communication
After that, Minipeeps wanted their customers to be able to send personalized messages and greetings to their loved ones with these animated characters.

Interactive Greetoys & Memomugs
Upon delivery, the Greetoys or Memomugs were to deliver voice notes, pictures, and more. The application was to allow users to send any type of message they desire. In other words, users were only to be limited by their imagination.

How WE/AR Studio Did It

01 Client’s Needs
Though each project WE/AR Studio handle is always unique, they start all projects by gathering all necessary information from their clients. Not only did they take their time to get a clear idea of Minipeeps’ needs, but they also worked hand-in-hand with them till the end. This was very essential to the success of the project.

02 Proof of Concept Application
Before building the complete product, WE/AR Studio had to develop a proof of concept (POC) application. A POC is a preliminary stage in app development. It involves the process of demonstrating the feasibility of an idea. Their team completed this milestone successfully and ultimately convinced Minepeeps that they could achieve their goal.

03 Developing an AR App Functionality
To use the app, a user will need to purchase a Minipeeps merchandise (a Greetoy or Memomug). These cute little characters come with QR codes that can be scanned using the app. Once you finish scanning, the user can start composing your message.
The best thing about this app is that users can create whatever they desire. This is because we designed the app to allow the use of texts, voice notes, and music tracks. Each of these characters also has its custom set of 3D objects and effects.
The receiver will also have to download the app and then click on “Receive Message”. Once the receiver scans the QR code, the character will come alive and deliver the message.

04 Integration
Another vital milestone in the development of the AR app was its integration with a complete backend platform. This platform controls and manages the entire AR communication infrastructure.

05 Minipeeps ARGram AR App
As a result, WE/AR Studio created Minipeeps ARGram app, which is an innovative app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It allows users to have a lot of fun while sending super cute messages to their loved ones.

Challenges That WE/AR Studio Overcame

Getting a clear idea of the client’s wants and needs

Presenting a proof of concept (POC) application to the client

Combining greeting cards and collectible toys in one product

Creating a cross-platform AR app where you can send different content (text messages, voice notes, and music tracks) to your loved ones

Linking MiniPeeps’ backend communication and AR content management platform with the app

Project Results

WE/AR Studio developed the world’s first-ever AR communication app. The Minipeeps ARGram app has transformed how people use greeting cards, corporate gifts, and event invitations and helped successfully launch Greetoys and Mememugs in the Laubanese market.

The company has experienced a lot of success since the app was launched. First, they were able to release the aforementioned merchandise — Greetoys and Memomugs. Apart from its B2C campaign, the company was also able to make its way into the Lebanese B2B market and started negotiations with the local corporations on adding our AR communication platform as their communication channels with customers

After the release the Minipeeps ARGram took the 9th place in Lebanese Apple Store.


By | June 30, 2022

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