Militay & Defense Leadership VR Training

VR Training for High-Stakes Careers in the Military & Defense Sector

In high-stakes defense and military leadership positions, immersive practice is the only way to rehearse for the real thing without risking tremendous damage or loss.





Developing Leadership Skills with Virtual Reality

Critical skills for high-pressure environments

The most stressful jobs are the ones in which the choices we make deeply affect the well-being of others. When it comes to high-pressure situations, immersive practice is the only way to rehearse for the real thing. Defense organizations use Mursion to help learners:

  • Master essential leadership skills
  • Instill trust and confidence
  • Develop courage and tenacity
  • De-escalate conflict in high-pressure environments
  • Foster effective communication and collaboration
  • Empower others and exercise authority
  • Lead teams in high-stress scenarios





VR Training for Defense & Military Leaders

While virtual reality has seen increased application in training troops for a wide range of combat scenarios, Mursion is among the first to take the application of this simulation strategy to build the skills and confidence of leaders.

In stressful situations, our fight-or-flight instincts take over, making it more difficult to use cognitive and emotional reasoning to make an objective decision.

By continually rehearsing these skills in a simulated environment, leaders can master essential leadership skills under pressure while becoming more competent and confident in being able to manage their emotions and communication in a crisis.





How Mursion Improves Defense & Military Leadership

Mursion works with development leaders to custom design avatars, environments, and scenarios that will best address the leadership team’s existing challenges or perceived threats. During the scenario, the leader will interact with one or multiple human-like avatars who mimic true human expressions and body language. These avatars are controlled using a combination of AI and human interaction (live voice actors) to portray high-impact, realistic interaction in real-time.

Because these interactions are extremely lifelike, they elicit emotions and reactions in the leader as if they were interacting with an actual human being. Unlike traditional training, this helps the leader develop both emotional and cognitive reasoning under pressure, honing those skills for performance during true high-stress crises.





“We are bringing back role-play via innovative technology integrations to reach an application level of learning…and SOS is pioneering the use of the avatar-hosted simulations to support leadership development. This research-based capability allows for learners to develop their craft in a safe, academic environment.”
– Toni Hawkins-Scribner
Squadron Officer School Learning Science and Technology Studio Director

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VR, Training June 2, 2020 by Alvin Manalac