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Marshmello Instagram AR Face Game

Marshmello Instagram AR Face Game

EDM Artist Marshmello Instagram AR Face Game Achieves 3.2 Million Views in 48 Hours. (10,000,000 in 2 weeks!)

Groove Jones was brought on board to create an AR experience for EDM artist Marshmello and his 28 million followers on Instagram. The “face game” uses your face’s gestures and movements to control the gameplay. This is one of the first interactive games to debut on the Instagram platform. Needless to say, it was a huge hit. Over 3.2 million people engaged with it or viewed videos of the game in the first 48 hours after it launched. Within 2 weeks it had reached over 10,000,000 impressions!





Falling To Pieces

The game features the track Falling to Pieces by Marshmello and Crankdat. Off of the album Joytime III. This is the third installment of Marshmello’s explosive Joytime series. During the game, we added an electrified animation of the album cover and place the users onto it.

How Do You Play?

First of all, you need to be on Instagram account. Next, grab the link to the game –

Once you have the game link all you need to do is activate the game and then tap to play. You have 15 seconds to eat as many marshmallows as you can. White marshmallows are worth 1 point and electric blue ones are worth 10 points.

Catch as many as you can in 15 seconds. Record yourself and share it. Rinse and repeat.

Simple enough?





Launch Date – Marshmello and Kane Brown on the Ellen Show

On October 2nd, Marshmello joined Kane to perform their hit song “One Thing Right” on The Ellen Show. During the show, Marshmello pushed a video and a link to the game on his Instagram and Twitter feed. It was inevitable that it would become a hit!

Within the first 24 hours, the game was viewed nearly 1 million times. After the first 48 hours, the game played 1 million times and received over 2.2 million story impressions.





Marshmello and Marshmallows!

Part of this campaign is campaign is the fact that Marshmello wants you to eat more marshmallows. Marshmello is the “spokesDJ” of Stuffed Puffs—marshmallows filled with chocolate. Stuffed Puffs are only available at Walmart. We received several bags of these tasty treats and we thoroughly enjoyed them.

If you’ve ever struggled to assemble the perfect s’mores, you know how tough it can be. With Stuffed Puffs, the struggle is over because the chocolate is already inside the marshmallows. The idea is that when you roast these fluffy gelatin puffs, the chocolate inside starts to melt, creating the perfect s’mores, but with less risk of chocolate oozing out of your graham crackers.





Success on Instagram

Very few artists and/or brands have yet to capitalize on the Instagram platform with the use of their Camera Effects. Camera Effects are great because they allow your audience to engage and interact with your brand in a fun and unique way. They also give your audience a tool to generate their own content about your brand for you.

Users post their experience to Instagram Stories showing others using your effect. This helps spread the virility of the Camera Effect. Marshmello has obviously tapped into this more than anyone else.










STUDIO: Groove Jones

By | November 15, 2019

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