MARELEC Virtual Showrooms


MARELEC Food Technologies has been active in food processing since 1983. Their experience and know-how with weighing and sorting systems results in powerful, reliable devices that weigh and sort fish, poultry, meat, and marine flawlessly both onboard and ashore.

Creating an interactive digital extension of your organization has become essential. Yondr developed a virtual showroom platform that allows Marelec to demonstrate its products to potential and existing clients around the world.





Interactive high-quality 3D models are used to create an unforgettable brand experience and help to digitalize the sales process. Virtual showrooms are ideal for companies trying to scale their sales reach without added expenses.

Never have virtual experiences played such an essential role in maintaining customers and audience engagement. Virtual and digital take the stage as conferences and events cancel due to the pandemic.



Yondr is exclusive BENELUX business partner of Hyperfair, the world’s leading platform for virtual conferences and enterprise events.


VR, Marketing December 9, 2020 by Alvin Manalac