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Magnox Dragon Reactor

Magnox Dragon Reactor

Cineon Training have designed a computer game to help dismantle a real nuclear reactor.

Working with Magnox Ltd they have developed a virtual simulation of their Dragon test reactor which operated in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The reactor is due for decommissioning next year and the work will be undertaken using a laser deployed by a robot arm.





The simulation Cineon Training have created accurately recreates the reactor environment and will enable operators to gain experience and develop entry strategies prior to deploying the real equipment.





This work has been undertaken in two phases:


This involved the conversion of an existing model of the Dragon Reactor core produced by Magnox into real-time head-mounted Virtual Reality in order to create a tool that could be used by operators to explore, and gain familiarity with, the core construction. The tool enables them to explore a life-size model of the core and remove individual components for closer examination.





Ultimately, these operators will be tasked with the remote decommissioning of the reactor, and this tool is designed to enhance their understanding of the environment in which they will be working.






The VR model developed in Phase 1 has been augmented with 3D models of the manipulator and decommissioning tools that will be used for core dismantling. This has enabled the creation of a core dismantling simulation designed as a training tool for operators, allowing them to gain experience of cutting and manipulating virtual core components prior to commissioning the equipment for real.





The simulation also includes functionality that detects collisions between core items and tooling which allows potential conflicts to be explored. This is designed to give operators an enhanced spatial awareness as well as giving the ability to trial different retrieval methods with no risk to plant.



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By | December 9, 2020

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