King County’s Waste Water Treatment

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King County’s Waste Water Treatment

King County’s Waste Water Treatment

In 2017, King County’s West Point Treatment Plant experienced a failure which sent untreated wastewater pumping into Puget Sound. In the wake of this disaster, King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division and Department of Natural Resources and Parks sought help from Taqtile to overhaul training for new workers.





Using Taqtile’s Manifest, longtime employees author step-by-step digital instructions over the facility’s equipment, including supplemental materials in the form of videos, photographs, documents like Material Safety Data Sheets and equipment schematics, and annotations. Trainees and operators can access these instructions hands-free, and use them both to learn procedures on a digital twin, and to complete operational checklists as they work. Manifest also streamlines the process for updating and disseminating maintenance operating procedures, so updates are instantly available to all.





King County received a Digital Edge 50 Award from CIO Magazine for this innovative partnership with Taqtile.

“When you’re in the middle of a crisis, you’re not going to go pull out a binder and try to flip to a page. Taqtile had the perfect use case that would meet our needs at the county.”
– Tanya Hannah, CIO
King County, Washington



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By | December 2, 2020

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