Intel – The Future of 5G Networks


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Intel – The Future of 5G Networks

Intel – The Future of 5G Networks

Intel: – The Future of 5G Networks: To help explain how 5G networks will be a huge part of our lives, Intel is using VR to take you on a journey of what the future looks like.


Groove Jones and Intel’s experiential team Infinity Marketing worked together to create this fantastic journey which debuted at the 2017 CeBIT Conference in Germany. CeBIT is the largest and most internationally represented computer expo in the world.



5G is a new network system that has much higher speeds and capacity, and much lower latency, than existing cellular systems. The technologies to be used in 5G are still being defined, but Intel is helping drive that network.



The World of 5G

What does the world of 5G look like? The animation team had a fantastic time designing what is in store for us. This included creating environments of a smart city, networked cars, sports arena, home and workplace all connected via 5G. The VR experience takes you on a ride with FAITH as she tells you about what you can expect from this new connectivity.




Visual showing how a smart city will be with connected cars and automated life.



FAITH then takes you into a sports arena and shows you how 5G will enhance the experience.



Of course VR will be a big part of the 5G world. FAITH takes you through a connected home as your stream your favorite sports games to your untethered headsets.



How about the Workspace?

What will the workspace look like? FAITH takes you through a new 5G world.



Character Design

The story stars FAITH – Flying Artificial Intelligence Test Helper, a personable robot that helps guide you through the experience. FAITH was designed from the ground up for this production. This included specific sound design and character voice casting.



Imagining what “The Cloud” looks like. Below are several concepts for the experience.




STUDIO: Groove Jones


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