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Hybrid MBA Programs

Hybrid MBA Programs

Top Latin American Business School Runs Hybrid MBA Programs in Virbela

One of the best business schools in Latin America, Escuela de Graduados en Administración y Dirección de Empresas (EGADE) runs hybrid MBA programs in Virbela. With classes, group sessions, and bootcamps in-world, the school stays at the edge of innovation, preparing graduates to lead in their careers.

As a pioneer in business education, EGADE has been recognized as the top business school in Mexico and in the top three for all of Latin America. Its campuses in Monterrey, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Perú attract innovators and forward thinkers, the executives of tomorrow. Part of why these rising leaders choose EGADE is its flexible, immersive programming, powered by Virbela.

Mastery from Anywhere

Since many graduate students have families and careers, EGADE’s curriculum is designed to give them control over their lives, while providing a world-class education. In Virbela, students can attend classes or other sessions from anywhere with wifi.

EGADE offers concentrations in management, finance, entrepreneurship, analytics, and digital transformation. More than 25% of classes for two of its degreed programs take place entirely in Virbela.

High Tech for Higher Ed

At the MBA level, leaning into technology is crucial. Extended reality is poised to drive business into the future, so students welcome the opportunity to gain experience in an advanced virtual world.

Authentic connections between students and faculty are just as important. Virbela fosters dynamic discussions to shape the next generation of business in Latin America and around the world.

Lucía Romo, Learning Innovation Coordinator for EGADE, explains the appeal, “Students feel like they’re on-site, because the conversation flows naturally. In video-only platforms, when someone speaks, everyone must listen. In Virbela, people approach each other and speak, while others listen or have their own conversations, just like real life.”

Virbela helps define EGADE’s value for students from the start. An open class for prospective students makes it easy for anyone to learn more about academics and campus life. Multimedia presentations, followed by breakout conversations with professors or current students, showcase the school’s advantages.

For deeper immersion, EGADE offers Bootcamps in Virbela. Intensive 20-hour programs combine real-time interaction with case study or solution-oriented learning. Students apply class topics during group sessions, gathering in virtual breakout rooms or private volume spaces. While they solve for modern business challenges, professors can join them and move between groups, like in a real classroom.

“Virbela encourages creativity and adaptability. In terms of students’ careers,” shares Romo, “virtual technology prepares them to leverage opportunities for business growth. Providing realistic context allows EGADE to stimulate greater learning for our most ambitious graduate students.”

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By | August 1, 2022

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