Health & Safety VR Training

Line Creative Ltd.

VR Training is already being used by military, emergency services and armed forces, as well as growing numbers of manufacturing, energy, infrastructure and facilities companies. Popular uses include incident simulation, risk & environment simulations, critical procedural scenarios, training testing & auditing, CPD and multiplayer scenarios.





At its core, Virtual Reality offers the most safe, effective, efficient and affordable tool available to train, develop, simulate and enhance skills and performance. It allows trainees to interactively respond to multi layered factors, environments , threats and demands , while accurately measuring results and performance.

Imagine you can create any reality you want, to the detail, with interactive functionalities, protocol scenario features and measured performance, and then tailor it to your specific needs and uses. Isn’t that awesome ?





As an award winning real time CGI studio, Line Creative has the resources and know how to create those bespoke, effective and realistic experiences for your company. VR is safe, affordable, effective , efficient.

Line Creative wanted to create a fire hazard training simulation that’s not only effective but also looks good, for a client in the energy sector.





Fire training is complex, risky, and costly. The protocols around it can be easily simulated in VR and this is really where VR Training can shine. There are always sets of functions involved, but our argument is that its not just about functionality. In our experience, close to realism visuals add to the application of the training by producing better engagement and therefore better results.

This was done all in UE4 with assets from 3dsmax.








STUDIO: Line Creative Ltd.

VR, Training August 3, 2019 by Alvin Manalac