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Green Door AR Portal Experience

Green Door AR Portal Experience

Baylor University Student Recruitment Green Door AR Portal Experience

The Dallas-based Johnson & Sekin advertising agency selected Groove Jones as their production partner to create an AR experience for their client, Baylor University. The challenge was to demonstrate the “Baylor Experience” to recruit students when they are not on campus. The goal was to create a way for high school graduates to see, hear, and “step into” unique Baylor moments.





Groove Jones helped bring the idea to life by capturing key moments at the university and allowing potential recruits to experience them through AR (augmented reality) portals.

Their solution was to capture key moments at the university and allow potential recruits to experience them through AR (augmented reality) portals.





Live-Action Capture for AR

The Groove Jones live-action production team visited Baylor University and captured 360º video footage of campus life’s key events and exciting campus locations. These included the Baylor University Homecoming Bonfire on Fountain Mall, running out onto the field at McLane Stadium, stepping into the Bear Habitat (home of Lady and Joy, the black bear mascots), and viewing the Homecoming Parade.





Step Into AR Portals

The experience runs and on an iPad Pro and uses ARKit to display and anchor, three digital doorways, that a potential student can step through. Outside of each door is an animated, volumetrically captured avatar of a Baylor spokesperson that greats the visitor and encourages them to step inside.

Once they have stepped through the doorway, they can view a 360º video focused on three unique campus stories.

The Application has a dashboard for brand ambassadors to use and customize the experience for use at campus and recruiting events.





Volumetric Capture

Groove Jones utilized Samsung’s XR Studio volumetric video camera system in Dallas, TX to capture the Baylor spokespeople standing outside of the doorways. Below is an image of the Baylor mascot being scanned in the camera rig.





These volumetric captures were then optimized and added to the AR experience.

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By | November 11, 2020

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