Fluvius – Training: Replace 10.000V Fuses


AIXR VRAwards 2019 ‘VR Education and Training of the Year’ finalist

Short description

Train technical installation employees on replacing 10.000 V fuses in life-threatening electrical installations.

Aim of the project

Fluvius wanted to make a difference in training/safety

  1. create a more fitting and modern training experience for young people (& hard to find technical profiles)
  2. organise trainings closer to their trainees (VR is mobile)
  3. provide direct real-time feedback
  4. avoid life-threatening risks during training




What sets this project apart from the competition?

Fluvius has 5.300 employees and manages more than 200,000 km of utility lines, 7 million connection points in all 300 Flemish municipalities. This VR training tool completely eliminates the danger of a life threatening electrical shock (10.000 V) while in training to become a certified technician in the Fluvius Academy (or a refreshment course for existing employees). This tool reached 2.500 Fluvius employees via 20 academy instructors within 3 months. Using VR increases the amount of study material sticking into the minds of employees, benefiting safety & quality of service to their clients.





Which market is this project aimed at

First and foremost network companies like Fluvius. In fact, any organisation who builds and manages the networks that bring electricity and natural gas to your home, office or sports club ensuring a smooth flow of energy. They are often in charge of the municipal public lighting park and responsible for the sewerage, heat and cable distribution networks as well. Energy on these levels can be extremely dangerous to be around for technicians. Support of VR tools during training are therefore absolutely indispensable in our opinion.





Judges statement

The electricity installation in VR is indistinguishable from the actual electricity cabin installations in the real world, as one can see in Nanopixel’s testimonial video. Nanopixel didn’t simply develop a nice gimmick, but an actual perfect copy in VR so it can be used on the academy in daily Fluvius operations. Fluvius stands out from its competitors here. The tool is part of a completely integrated and well-thought-out training cycle run by 20 instructors nationwide in multiple Fluvius academies. You don’t see these sorts of integrations, or only rarely, with any other network manager, nationally or internationally. It simply works and saves peoples lives in the end.





STUDIO: Nanopixel

VR, Training January 9, 2020 by Alvin Manalac