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Diversity and Inclusion VR Blended Training

Diversity and Inclusion VR Blended Training

Equal Reality is revolutionizing Diversity and Inclusion training with Virtual Reality (VR).

Equal Reality’s VR experiences allow clients to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” to learn what it is like to experience discrimination or inappropriate behavior, identify bias, and practice making decisions in real time to rehearse how they would react should they witness discrimination.

Equal Reality partnered with mwah. and Domain to implement VR blended trainings that received a best in class Net Promoter Score of 67.

Domain’s Challenge
Understanding the importance of its human capital and culture, Domain wanted to drive Diversity and Inclusion into the DNA of the company. As a progressive and innovative company, they wanted to do things differently; Domain requested Equal Reality’s help to evoke emotion and empathy, establish a common understanding, and drive behavior change and personal accountability.

Equal Reality’s Impact
Equal Reality collaborated with mwah. to run workshops with Domain’s 643 employees. As a result, Domain employees were able to have an intimate experience to feel what it is like to be bullied or the subject of abuse of power. VR technology enabled them to have increased empathy towards others and deepened their connection to the topics.
Ultimately, the workshops influenced the participants’ personal accountability towards changing behaviors to drive Diversity and Inclusion into Domain’s DNA. Additionally, 95% of participants enjoyed the VR experience.

“The response from participants has been excellent – with participants in the program able to empathize and discuss the experiences of our scenarios in our workshops with detail that just wouldn’t be possible without actually experiencing it themselves. I don’t think role plays will ever cut it again in this space.”

– Nic Barry
Organizational Capability Lead at Domain

Through partnering with Equal Reality, Domain made substantial progress towards addressing their challenges:

1. Evoke Empathy
– 75% of respondents felt they had their personal space encroached upon during the experience
– 89% of respondents felt the VR experience made them more receptive to the proceeding workshop

2. Establish a Common Understanding
– Domain employees rated their understanding of Diversity and Inclusion 40% higher after the VR blended workshops

3. Drive Behavior Change and Personal Accountability
– 98% of respondents reported an understanding of their personal role to play in Diversity and Inclusion
– 89% of respondents felt confident of the actions for them to foster an inclusive culture

COMPANY: Equal Reality

By | October 21, 2021

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