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Voted best casino outside of Las Vegas, Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut offers it’s guest an enthralling experience in its resort and seven casinos. Being one of the largest casinos in North America, they went big again by partnering with New England’s finest Red Sox world champion, David Ortiz. Fans can now engage in an AR scavenger hunt on the resort property.

Groove Jones partnered with Foxwoods to create an augmented reality experience revolving around Big Papi himself. This AR “scavenger hunt” features Big Papi taking part in numerous activities that guests can enjoy at the resort casino. Guests can unlock these AR Murals (or AR Portraits) by using the official Foxwood’s App as part of the “Where Is Big Papi” campaign.





AR Scavenger Hunt

Hidden throughout the resort are four portraits of Ortiz, designed by the agency BPG. Each unique picture of Big Papi is hanging around the casino and through the power of image recognition, is triggered by using your camera.

Groove Jones used elements from the new “Big Papi’s House!” commercial to create dynamic 3D animations, that bring Big Papi to life directly off of the printed page! Each portrait has a different theme.

  • Monza Karts – shows Big Papi at the go-kart track, celebrating a huge finish on the 1st place podium.
  • Shrine Nightclub – has Big Papi showing off his dance moves at the resorts Shrine Nightclub
  • Flying Chips – has Big Papi launching a handful of poker chips that float in the air around you
  • Royal Flush – has Big Papi reaching out from the post and flashing a royal flush





Find Big Papi Contest

Guests who record and share the experience on their social channels have a chance to win a $1,000 prize. There is also an instant win component on-site with the experience. Guests can receive a special gift by scanning and recording the portraits to win a unique Big Papi gift at the resort.

About Foxwoods and David Ortiz

Foxwoods Resort Casino is proud to add 3-time champion David Ortiz to its roster. Big Papi is joining the Foxwoods team as a Designated Ambassador in an exclusive partnership. Like Foxwoods, Papi knows a thing or two about going Big. Keep your eyes open – that just might be Big Papi at your blackjack table!
More about Foxwoods and the Big Papi’s campaign – https://bigpapi.foxwoods.com/david-ortiz-bio/

The experience is being promoted across the resort and through Foxwoods mobile, social and web channels.










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