Conductive VR Training Platform


Training platform targeting electricians

The level of immersion and the granularity of interactions makes Conductive a game changing application for training. Users are placed in a simulated environment that looks and feels much like the real world and they can also train much like in real life. Practice and learn how to work with sockets, cables, light bulbs, junction boxes, switches etc – finally you be an electrician in Virtual Reality.





Together with Installatörsföretagen (The Industry and Employer Organization for Electricians and Plumbers in Sweden), Vobling created this unique experience to attract new students to the electrician program and to be used as an educational tool in classes. The logic reflects the technology e.g. if you connect the cables wrong anywhere you have to troubleshoot the installation, fix your mistake and try again.





This type of education in Virtual Reality has some obvious benefits such as time saving since students can focus at the core of the problem directly. Materials in Virtual Reality can be used over and over again and the application has got 24/7 access. It can off-load the teachers, it’s a very fun and engaging way of learning, and last but not least can you can practice without risking to get electrocuted.



STUDIO: Vobling

VR, Training May 14, 2020 by Alvin Manalac