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Bang & Olufsen AR Experience

Bang & Olufsen AR Experience

Bang & Olufsen has been at the helm of the technology and design revolution for decades; proof of their extraordinary ability for reinvention. Partnering with OutHere to utilize the latest Augmented Reality technology they have created a state of the art experience to showcase the luxury brand’s best in class vision and sound systems.


The Bang & Olufsen AR Experience app, available now on iOS devices, is a visually striking AR experience that seamlessly integrates the real and the virtual world by letting users place any Bang & Olufsen product in their own space, transforming their universe and letting them look into the future.


As the strategic Mixed Reality Partner for Bang & Olufsen, OutHere is helping the company to evolve its relationship with its customers by tapping into the quickly evolving world of AR & VR to increase desire and transform how their fans and prospective customers interact with the brand.

In the end we help the brand drive innovation in retail and digital channels while bringing fans ever closer to the products they love.


“OutHere play in that rare air of excellence and have the core competencies to execute at a market leading level.”

Simon Silva Freitas – Global Retail Experience Manager, Bang & Olufsen a/s



How we did it

To create the B&O AR Experience, we had to develop a complete ecosystem of processes, tools and services to bring the Bang & Olufsen product range into the fully three dimensional world of Augmented Reality.

First we developed a custom a pipeline to transform product construction data into the high quality 3D assets needed to enable a visual quality never before seen in a mobile AR experience, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship Bang & Olufsen represents.



Then we built a bespoke backend system to make it possible to customize this 3D data into any possible configuration for any Bang & Olufsen product. This way users can freely play around with, color, material and size options on the virtual products in their own space.

All this, we packaged into in a state of the art mobile AR application for iPhone and iPad, utilizing the latest immersive technologies introduced by Apple in ARKit 2.0, part of iOS 12.


By | February 23, 2019

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