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ABOUT: I am an avid traveller with a passion for capturing the world around me. I truly enjoy collectively creating with our team of amazing directors and PA’s. Capturing and creating worlds for others to experience through these new mediums, for me, spawns an entirely fresh appeal to my already loved pursuits.

My passions in VR are far reaching just as my photography had been. From 2004 to date I have driven cross country 30 times. 26 of those times I chose to be by myself. All alone to explore the beauty of America while capturing my travels and explorations for others to admire and in some cases use as a getaway from their stressful day or rainy week. Up until VR came into play this was the best way to display and warrant an array of emotions from others. All done by simply pursuing the unknown and unseen realms of this reality. Adapting to this new way of showing expression in a person, place, thing or experience to another human being has been a breath of fresh creative air.


How did you get into VR?

– We all grew up with sci-fi references to virtual reality and great stories being displayed across large screens attempting to pull the immersion of viewers. Because of that the transition into mixed reality creation, for each of us here on the team, seemed only natural once it was a pursuable dream. Artist Life Vision was started by me, Stephanie Marlo, in 2006 with the intention of producing amazing and creatively different content for new and better ways of storytelling. Since then the team has grown from 1 to 8. In 2016 we branched into the world of virtual reality allowing us the means to even better convey a feeling or experience. Virtual reality provides us an even closer relationship to our audience than ever before. All of us work together to produce one of a kind experiences for young and old.


What is it like working with you guys? 

– We have found over the past couple years when dealing with clients that most have a great idea of what they want to project to their audiences however need us to best help them project their ideas in a 360 or virtual realm of display. A lot of people are still unsure as to how far out of the box VR, AR and mixed realities allow for our ideas to go. We start our first meeting with educating our client on the many different ways to communicate an idea through VR. From there we create a project overview of ideas discussed with the client for the project.

The next step is creation. We allow our clients as little or as much collaboration as they would like throughout the whole process. We have found some clients like to be in the middle of everything while others want to pay and want very little to do with the process. The client gets to decide. People want a quality product which is easy to navigate, distribute, understand and update with the times. We provide that for them. From captivating new ways of filming in 360 to creating full immersions of mixed reality on location, we are the team to provide!


How would you describe your company culture?

– Different from most. In one word, eclectic. If you were to drop in on myself and the team you would find a place of open thinking and creation like no other. We are a mixed bag of artists, videographers, consultants and entrepreneurs each bringing 15+ years of experience in our respective fields to the team. Most of us have known each other for 10+ years. We have been intertwining and collaborating together over the years for different projects until VR brought us all together as imagination engineers with Artist Life Vision.


What is your company’s core expertise?

– Our core expertise deals with resilience, focus and teamwork. Unlike other industries I have been involved in VR is new to the buyer, the creator and the distributor. What this means is although there is now a brand new open way to create there is also a plethora of obstacles in creation and in communicating to the masses what VR holds for their futures. Resilience and focus are required to push through these obstacles. Teamwork is needed to piece the puzzles together to make an interactive and mesmerizing something from just an idea.


Do you offer any type of satisfaction guarantee or revisions of completed work? 

– One thing about being in the digital production business is knowing that you are taking an idea from multiple perspectives with set expectations and creating. In our project overviews we account for time to make client revisions before our set deadline to turn over. On rush jobs we have gone as far as to produce a baseline product or concept for release at events knowing that a month down the line we would return to the project to revise and hand over a fully finished product. My goal is to give all of our clients the respect and time they deserve on a personalized bases. We all work hard to get our clients what they need to best represent their brands.


Can you explain to me why I should invest in a VR marketing campaign?

– Generally speaking, as it is very dependent on the industry asking, VR is our next communication medium. From working with others around the globe to gaming, dating, education, the arts and beyond. VR is the next step in the technological incline. To not be a part of this movement from the beginning phases will be detrimental to many businesses running on soon to be outdated marketing strategies. Just as smartphone apps and the internet took humans to a higher level of communications so will VR over the coming years. One day, sooner than you may think, you will find yourself telling stories of how we used to use the internet to do X,Y,Z. We will all giggle knowing how archaic this way of interacting now seems.


If you were to speculate freely. What sort of VR experiences do you think we will see in the future, in terms of marketing? 

– I think we will see multiple waves of new forms to market different services, industries, social gatherings. I mean the virtual plane is endless. If someone can imagine a form than it is just a matter of time before code will allow for it. From there it is just about taking the steps to include real world elements. These can be implemented to provide for an even better immersion. I.e. sense of smell and location, neural feedback allowing for not only real world felt responsive immersions but more so for immediate interaction without words or use of our humans bodies as we know it. From creatively placed digitally designed VR billboards in the broad range of worlds one can now go, to full on immersion stations set up for PR events.

These allow for your customer to fully interact with and truly feel your product or service. That is where we are now and the VR world is our limitless future to expand upon. Marketing will hold its place within this world as it has through our historically changing communications. Lets grow it together!


VR is a no doubt powerful tool that and the industry is young. What are the risks and pitfalls with VR marketing?

– Personally I would say one of the biggest pitfalls is the client not understanding the market. This leads into what I consider the biggest risk for them, which is attempting to run or control their campaign by pushing old and outdated ways of marketing. For instance; You create an app or a video and release it on a normal 2D or mobile based platform. You optimize the search and trends and yet your return is mediocre for what you expected from your VR campaign. Why is this?

The answer is simple. You are no longer looking to the same process for appeal as before so you must think outside of the box when approaching VR users. My advice is to trust the virtual reality group you hire when they speak to you about the integration options for your industry. Communications, immersion and storytelling are key components in the virtual world. Find a company whose storytelling and immersive ideas match your own for the fullest campaign possible.


How big can VR marketing get and what will it take for it to get there?

– This questions answer can be found by looking back to questions from 1992 and 2006. Replace “VR” with “Worldwide Web”, or “Smartphone”. Virtual reality is the next wave of communications and interaction. As far as what it will take to get there, I believe it is just a matter of time more than anything else. People are already easily adopting this technology for many industries worldwide. The growth is exponential in comparison.


How would you define a successful VR marketing experience?

– The number one show of success is full immersion into the feeling, situation and place you would like the viewer to be. Once you have provided your audience with an unforgettable experience not only will they return for more but they will return with others. The return on investment or success of the experience lays within the vr acquired techniques used in storytelling.


What is it about VR that gets you excited?

– The world has changed so much in the past 40 years and I feel as if this change has been leading us to this new way of living and interacting with the world around us. VR allows for open thinkers to think even further, it allows for youth to innovate even quicker than before. That being said, everything about the present and future of VR and mixed realities excite me.  VR is our future and the future is now!


What VR experience do you fantasize about experiencing in your lifetime?

– I am looking forward to the unimaginable creations and utility concepts which will form from the younger generations. Those who will grow up with this amazing new way of interacting with life.


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November 17, 2018 by Rick