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Founder and managing director of oneVR. Trained in multimedia and communications. Worked in Hyderabad during the Indian tech boom. Frustrated by information overload while apartment shopping she got into AR and VR. "I realized, that I just wanted to see the apartment as if it was built today. This seeded the obsession to work out how this technology was going to solve my need and change the property advertising industry forever."

Rebecca Tunks

Rebecca Tunks

You started your company after being fed up with apartment shopping. What happened then?

– I started with the augmented reality space and developed applications that would let you see a construction at life size, on it’s block before it’s build. You simply lifted your iPad or iPhone to the apartment building billboard and then it would overlay the construction on the location. After a year of augmented development we moved into the VR space after the launch of the Oculus Rift DK1. We shortly fell in love with the virtual reality world as much as the augmented world and have been developing applications for both technology ever since.

What would you say is oneVR’s core expertise?

– A combination of virtual technology and marketing strategies, to ensure what we develop works technically and creates a ROI.

Do you handle campaign volume production?

– Definitely, we have an extremely talented core team of developers, designs, managers and directors with some of us having over 20 years experience in virtual reality development.

What is it like working with oneVR?

– Our client process is to work with their vision and their end users’ needs to understand the messaging, key sales points and the experience they need to communicate. We translate the environment and experiences into a real-time 3D game engine for them to use in their market processes through multiple platforms such as desktop applications, mobile applications, presentations or virtual reality headsets.

Can you describe your company culture?

– We’re passionate about VR and pushing the industry to be a mass accepted technology.

Can you show me something you’ve done that you are extra proud of?

– Recently we launched the application ApartmentVR by BGC development. It’s available on the Andriod and Apple stores currently. We’re proud of it as our clients and they’re customers love it. It’s a fantastic visual aid with a marketing edge product that’s proving successful to generate leads and assist with the property sales process. Plus, very cost effective which is a bonus too.

What area, geographically speaking, are you available to work in?

– We’re currently Australia focused with clients in Melbourne , Sydney and Perth. Our VR applications have had global marketing reach.

Do you offer your clients revisions of completed work?

– Yes, we love educating our clients on the changing Virtual and Augmented worlds. The industry is new so we work with market ready apps today, with a focus on how we can continually improved them as the market grows to ensure they’re as effective for our clients needs as possible.

Can you give some examples of what you can do for a small company with limited financial resouces?

– We have a range of VR/360 solutions and commonly design our bespoke applications to budget. A starting cost would be in the low 4 figures.

I own a flash light factory and want to promote our latest flash light model. What sort of VR experience would you suggest for me? 

– You’re in a haunted forest. You need to get out but it’s the middle of the night and it’s hard to see. You can hear the creeks and rustles in the forest, what are they? How close are they, I just want to get to the house but how do I find my way?…Wait!, What’s that? An “ABC product by Flash Light Factory”, grab it and lets get out of here…Our process would be to learn more about the client and they’re goals for the VR experience, it’s more about their needs than what we can do. But if I was to go crazy, I would love to do a virtual reality game to promote the product.

I’ve been living in a cave the last few years and just got back to work at the marketing department. Explain to me why I should invest in a VR marketing campaign?

– It’s a new industry, it’s not proven and can be see as just a novelty. But just look at how the smart phone industry grew in a short number of years. Technology can change our world, get on board and be on the front foot of how VR is going to change yours.

What sort of VR experiences do you think we will see in the future, in terms of marketing? 

– We are focused on the property market so obviously see this is a strong potential. Especially in an age where you want all the information now with as little effort as possible. I went shopping for an off the Plan Apartment in 2011, I was frustrated by the amount of research and imagination that was required to be sold on the product. It occurred to me, all I wanted to do was see the apartment, see the future, and invest in it today. This was the seed that grew oneVR.

Pick any product you wish tand tell me what sort of campaign you would create, given total freedom.

– I really want to do a fully loaded virtual marketing campaign for a large off the plan apartment developer. Truly revolutionise the way they sell. We’ve done small safe campaigns, but my goal is to have the reign to truly engage VR in the property sales market.

What will it take for VR to reach it’s full potential?

– Products that don’t restrict their markets, are openly available so the everyday user can engage the technology today, and the everyday developer can build for it.

What is it about VR that gets you excited?

– It’s an entirely new market. Not proven, not old, not known. We all aspire to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for what they did for the desk top and mobile industry. We now have a new play ground where no one has solidified the way forward, and what works. This is exciting as we’re all apart of this developing and exciting shift in time.


By | March 10, 2018