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My name is Matthieu Labeau, I'am leading the business development for VR at Nozon/PresenZ. I come from the academic world, I used to teach art history at universty. So I really don't come from the tech world. I ended up in VR by accident about 5 years ago, when meeting Tristan Salomé, co-founder of Nozon and inventor of PresenZ. I was very excited by the artistic potential of the technology. As a kid I always wanted to be able to be inside the story, to jump in the fictional world. It's a bit the Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan dream that we can achieve with VR.

Matthieu Labeau

Matthieu Labeau

How did you get into VR?

– Tristan Salomé had some experience with VR from the 90’s. His idea was to be able to create immersive movies, but there was no technology that was offering both very good image quality and freedom of movement for the user. You need both of them to feel comfortable in VR and enjoy the magic of it. This is why we developed and commercialized PresenZ, our volumetric movie format.

What is it like working with you guys? What can I as a customer expect in terms of communication and collaboration? 

– We offer both services and software for VR.  At Nozon, we have 20 years of experience creating 3D and visual effects for customers, so we know how to be extremely efficient in terms of communication, feedback and creative collaboration. We handle our VR projects the same way we do our advertising our feature films. On the software side, we polished the tools, user interfaces and general quality of our pipeline during a 2 years Beta program. Content creators can now generate very high-end VR the same way they make VFX and 3D for advertising or feature films. We also developed a full support service for our PresenZ users.

How would you describe your company culture?

– We focus on quality and we really don’t like to make concessions on that matter.

I’ve been living in a cave the last few years, can you explain to me why I should invest in a VR marketing campaign?

– VR marketing is about switching from counting how many eyeballs have seen your film or ad to creating a real impact and a costumer – product interaction. You create a moment where a costumer is fully focused on your story or is interacting only with your product. With the constant noise of social medias everyone is experiencing, this is really unique.

What is your best tip for a brand looking to launch its first VR experience? 

– Watch a lot of VR before defining your campaign, experience the medium because this how you’ll understand the potential of it. There are a lot of preconceptions on what should be done in VR like fast motion, first person point of view etc. and they often don’t work. And use the expertise of companies that have experience in creating VR.

What sort of VR experiences do you think we will see in the future, in terms of marketing? 

– VR in general is developing towards better image quality and integration of other senses beyond only image and audio. This will be used for marketing as it will help offering a more realistic look of your product and a deeper interaction with it.

What are the risks and pitfalls with VR marketing? Describe what you would advise against doing.

– Don’t make a campaign in VR just to say that you are using VR.

How big can VR marketing get and what will it take for it to get there?

– I believe that immersive and interactive experiences will redefine the way consumers interact with products prior to buying them. It will be everywhere and part of every consumers standard buying process from clothes and food to holiday booking.

What VR experience do you fantasize about experiencing in your lifetime?

– VR without glasses.


By | March 4, 2021