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VR Showroom For Real Estate Developers

VR Showroom For Real Estate Developers

Interactive Lab is a team of VR enthusiasts and experimenters. They got well-known far beyond the nationwide market, due to the innovative ideas integrating all available interactive solutions into the brand-new products. The key point is to handle heavy marketing problems not losing the beauty of technology glow. The recent solution the Lab introduced to the market, is the VR showroom designed for a major Moscow city developer.

The real estate marketing tends to involve advanced tech solutions. But although the range of VR ideas is large enough, only part of them are widely used in this market. The list of the solutions available usually had 2 points in it: 360-videos, and virtual tours. But the Interactive Lab team added the 3rd point – the VR Showroom.

This turnkey marketing tool is aimed at rethinking and shortening customer decision-making process, and is a pure help for the sales managers. The Interactive Lab team was the first to create the wireless commercial VR showroom as big as a standard 3-room housing. “The person who once entered this showroom, should leave with the completed and big picture of what housing he or she would buy, and how nice living there would be,” that was nearly the given task. So the developers came out with the idea to make the stunning combo of VR, proprietary software pack, tracking system, and addition projection facilities, helping to fit reality and virtuality.

So, the VR Showroom is a room where various sorts of housings can be presented in virtual reality in real size. The clean software solution for sales managers was worked out — you just use the tablet to let a customer choose a housing complex, a house, a floor, a sort and area of a housing, and a planning. Then the headset on, and the chosen housing is given in VR. The window view is included. The floor gets the markup with each room size shown. The customer walks all along and gets how the space is organized, shapes the definite feeling of how big or small each room is, whether this layout is good or not, and what about the ceiling height, and how is the view and the height of the floor.

This experience helps to resolve the majority of customer’s doubts, and the sales manager can now focus on either the price, or the global engineering and construction standards.

Actually, in the beginning the VR Showroom was just a 100-square-meter room in the sales office. Though provided with the basic utility systems.

“I mean, really – this time we were to feel the very spirit of building. It was a good experience, matching the whole real estate theme. We had nothing but walls, ceiling, and well, floor was there, too. So we worked out the interior design project, coordinated the finishing works, handled mounting of the technical equipment, then brought VR there. And actually, we loved it. Taking control of the whole process gives the confidence, and we know that we can actually create a VR showroom like that, anywhere. No restrictions except for… Just give us electricity, Internet access, walls, ceiling, and well, floor, too,” Alexey Rybakov, project manager, tells.

The software solution for the tablet has plannings, and renders of more than 20 typical housings. With 3D models of the housing complex infrastructure and the map of Moscow with all housing complexes available, included. All the graphics and interface were also designed by the Interactive Lab.

“Combo is a good way to do things. We had a chance to get into all significant interactive technologies, one by one, and now can make any mix. It gives the freedom helping to create the entirely new solutions. This “new” can be hidden not in the pioneering technology, but in the approach. The VR Showroom is a perfect example of how the approach makes the one-market revolution”
– Max Kozlov, the Interactive Lab CEO

COMPANY: Interactive Lab

By | March 1, 2018

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