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U.S. Bank took their Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite® Card to new heights by using a VR experience to promote the launch.


U.S. Bank discovered a surefire way to make a splash with the launch of their Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite® Card by enthralling its consumers with a Virtual Reality experience made by Foundry 45.U.S. Bank concluded that ”most people were blown away” after flying through scenes like Cinque Terre and floating next to a hot air balloon while learning about their new product. What better way to engage your audience during a product launch than with a VR experience that breaks through the noise, and surrounds consumers with your message?



Click here to watch the 360 experience that Foundry 45 created for U.S. Bank!


For the launch of their new Rewards Card, U.S. Bank hosted a series of events in which they showcased their product through a Samsung Gear VR headset to social media influencers, prominent bloggers, and other people with a significant digital presence. The response garnered from this well-informed group was stellar. U.S. Bank found that many first time VR users were especially impacted by the experience, but even those familiar with VR were astounded by the footage, and strongly engaged with the content. After viewing the experience, the influencers walked away from these events with a U.S. Bank-branded Cardboard headset along with other merchandise that reinforced the campaign’s message about the Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite® Card.



“That’s amazing. I wish everyone could see that!”

-Social Media Influencer after experiencing our app through Gear VR


For product launches, businesses usually take any measure to try to separate themselves from the pack, and really connect to their customers. After seeing what a positive reaction U.S. Bank garnered, marketers should realize that they needn’t look any further than Foundry 45 in order to effectively launch their product. We create a wide range of experiences that are tailored to your budget, brand, product, and message. To learn more, please contact us today.


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VR January 17, 2019 by Rick