Sanitarian Training Enhancement Project

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Sanitarian Training Enhancement Project

Sanitarian Training Enhancement Project


Digital Twin Studios (DTS) specializes in immersive and interactive training in Artificial, Mixed and Virtual Reality experiences. They leverage these technologies to design and build innovative training environments that provide the benefits of field training, minus the risk.

Retail food sanitarians have a crucial role within the departments of health in every state, as the quality of their inspections has a direct impact on the safety of the food that is served to customers. Best-in-class training ensures that sanitarians, new and experienced, are able to identify all critical violations to ensure safety and reinforce best practices across commercial kitchens.

Key criteria for effective training:

  • Regulatory procedures are uniform across the state; training should reflect this uniformity.
  • Sanitarians are active professionals; sanitarian training should embrace their active professional lifestyles.


DTS partnered with Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) to develop a series of virtual and interactive training simulation modules focused on assessing sanitarian’s ability to identify critical violations in the field. The training environment was designed after extensive exploration of real-world commercial kitchens and actual inspections to create an experience intended to be modified as the need arises. This modular design strategy maximizes the investment while significantly extending the shelf-life of the training platform. Initial trials have shown positive attitudes towards virtual training, which could be adapted for use in any state.


Benefits of VR Training
Low risk – Mistakes have no real repercussion in virtual reality.
Higher learning – Studies have shown that information retention increases by 40% – 80% in immersive/interactive environments.
Low cost – Reduces overall expenses relative to infrastructure, travel and instructor availability.
High accessibility – Immersive/interactive training can be launched from virtually anywhere and at any time, which increases flexibility of training.

Increased analysis – Each users’ training experience can be evaluated for success, while also providing insights on continuing to enhance the efficacy of each module.
Uniformity – Using the same virtual setting and evaluation methodology across a state ensures that every sanitarian is receiving the same quality of training, the same level of emphases, while providing opportunities to examine the entire ecosystem objectively.
Customization – Digital Twin Studios can customize the virtual training environment to almost immediately respond to new factors, findings and expectations.
Efficiency – Immersive/interactive significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to facilitate training.

“I am a new sanitarian so getting a virtual tour before starting actual inspections was very nice.”
“This is a good training tool to help sanitarians.”
“Everyone was very willing to help in any way. I thoroughly enjoyed the VR. Very fun.”

More than 1 million restaurants in the U.S., employing 15.6 million workers.
9,533 eating and drinking places in Louisiana in 2018, employing 213,400 workers.

COMPANY: Digital Twin Studios

By | June 30, 2022

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