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Military Logistics Support

Military Logistics Support

Military Augmented Reality for Critical Logistics

Augmented reality work instruction software helps the USMC 4th MLG to provide real-time start-procedure instructions on 30kW AMMPS Generator Sets. The Marines and Sailors of 4th Marine Logistics Group provide a full range of critical logistical support needed to keep the Marine Forces Reserve units fully combat operational and the Manifest® AR Platform helps them do their job quickly and accurately.

Using the Manifest work instruction software, field service technicians use a job template to accurately and efficiently run through a generator start procedure. Manifest job templates provide rich support content at each job step for reference and to illustrate critical details. Bookmarked PDFs, videos, photos, text and 3D markers all help guide the maintenance operator to the job at hand.

Manifest Connect remote assistance ensures answers and collaboration are a click away. From any job step, a field service operator can initiate a call to an expert or team mate to share screens, information and collaborate on issues or instructions. Since Manifest runs on spatial computing devices Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, Apple iPad, Android and the Web Portal, remote support can be achieved web to web, web to device, or device to device.

Job execution and performance data is all stored securely in the cloud for access from any 3D augmented reality device, iPad or iOS device, Android, or the Manifest Web Portal. Superiors and trainers can use this data for machine summary, logistics, trainee and job performance.

Very similar to manufacturing and other business environments, militaries around the world are under increased pressure to improve performance with fewer resources. This is evident when exploring the challenges of maintenance teams in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. As history suggests, the military will deploy new technologies such as AR to address their current challenges.

And as the results from military studies suggest – including the 36-100% decrease in errors – Taqtile’s Manifest AR platform can be a significant disruptor in increasing operational proficiency within maintenance teams. Manifest is changing the very nature of maintenance, training, and instructional content to improve accuracy and decrease errors. From inexperienced apprentices to remote journeymen to experienced craftsmen, Manifest is helping make Everyone an Expert.

COMPANY: Taqtile

By | June 30, 2022

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