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AR Visualization Solutions To Retailers

AR Visualization Solutions To Retailers

Poplar Studio is thrilled to announce their new partnership with Raydiant, the leading in-location experiences platform. As part of the partnership, Poplar Studio will offer AR and 3D experiences to be displayable in the in-store digital screens of Raydiant customers, enabling them to enhance their in-store shopping experiences. Among the solutions available will be virtual “try-on” technology, interactive treasure hunts, mini games and more.

The partnership comes at a critical time for retailers, given the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, and will best position them to provide a perfect post-pandemic shopping experience that is immersive and safe. While sectors of the public remain hesitant to walk into stores and physically try on clothing and other items, the general trend points towards retail sales growth in the coming months.

With nearly 60% of shoppers using mobile devices to look up product information and pricing while shopping in-store, the partnership is also a natural progression in retail innovation. Through AR and 3D technology such as “magic mirrors” and product visualization experiences, customers will now be able to visualize products by standing in front of in-store screens, or by scanning QR codes on these screens that will trigger the experiences in their own mobile devices. AR and 3D can help increase customer confidence and are proven ways to increase sales and reduce returns, leading to 90% improved sales conversion rates. In addition, virtual try-on AR experiences can help retailers tackle the limited capacity for stock, allowing customers to engage with these products virtually rather than physically while remaining in-store.

Also on offer will be AR experiences intended to entertain customers, such as virtual treasure hunts taking customers through the store in search of “easter eggs”, and mini-games to help keep themselves and children entertained while waiting in line.

Of the new partnership, David Ripert, co-founder, and CEO of Poplar Studio said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated a trend in physical store closures globally which started a few years ago, in parallel with the rise of e-Commerce. Customers are now not only familiar with digital shopping but expect to use technology as part of their shopping habits, from product discovery to conversion. Retailers need to transform their physical offering and adopt new digital tools like AR virtual try-on and 3D product visualization, in order to appear innovative, providing a shopping experience that is safe, practical, and engaging. By partnering with Raydiant, Poplar Studio is proud to help retailers build the store of the future.”

Bobby Marmahat, CEO of Raydiant, said: “Our #1 goal at Raydiant is to provide businesses with the best solution on the market for creating in-location experiences that “WOW” their customers. As the pandemic comes to an end, shoppers are looking for convenient, enjoyable experiences that make them feel clean and safe. This is why the digital shopping experience has quickly become a must-have for successful retailers everywhere and also why we are thrilled to add Poplar Studios as the next addition to our partner ecosystem Marketplace. We believe that this partnership is the next step to creating a better, more enjoyable in-location experience for retailers everywhere.”

COMPANY: Poplar Studio

By | October 21, 2021

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