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AR House is an augmented reality assistant for iOS and Android platforms that recreates the lifelike experience of walking inside a real-sized house in any location, providing users a unique chance to visit the desired property without traveling miles away. Developed as a Real Estate solution it allows property owners to demonstrate apartments to their clients all over the world.


AR House would provide a highly realistic visualization of the property, where the user could place a real-sized house to a land, rotate, move, step inside and see each room as if in reality. The virtual experience of walking through the rooms would resemble a real-life situation. Users could also see if the house they planned to build fits the particular land.


Smart Tek came up with an idea to implement an augmented reality house that will allow people to check out the apartment in real-time. As soon as users place a house in a land, they would be able to walk through it.  

Smart Tek team created a complete house that can be viewed in real space through your smartphone. Thanks to the 3D modeling techniques, Smart Tek’s 3D artists have generated realistic 3D models of rooms including walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, and decor to convey an unforgettable experience. Smart Tek also used a backing technique to make a house look real and bright.


Smart Tek’s developers and 3D artists have managed to create an astonishing product that puts an unforgettable AR experience right at the user’s fingertips (and straight onto their mobile device) and eliminates the need for the physical presence of a person in a certain place.


By | June 30, 2021

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