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Scan Pyramids VR Experience

Scan Pyramids VR Experience

by Alvin Manalac February 20, 2020 Travel, VR, Entertainment, Training

Dassault Systèmes and the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris have created a space for research and open innovation, called Exaltemps, dedicated to heritage and new uses of collective virtual reality. This place of experimentation is revealed gradually to the general public and offers a first co-creation, ScanPyramids VR, fruit of the collaboration between Emissive, Dassault Systèmes and the HIP Institute.

Emissive, an official member of the Scan Pyramids mission, is developing a virtual reality experience to visit the Khufu Pyramid and discover the latest findings in total immersion.

Installed at the prestigious Cité de l’Architecture in Paris, Scan Pyramids VR has been prototyped to show what the future of immersive collaborative experiences will look like. It allows 10 people to visit the Khufu pyramid freely, at a 1:1 scale. The virtual reality experience shows the field digs in an unprecedented way. The public can see the pyramid from different angles, at different heights from all the rooms, even ones not open to visitors.

The tour is guided by a member of the mission, who explains all the discoveries made by the scientific teams since 2015.