Welcome to the New Virtual Reality Marketing

Welcome to the New Virtual Reality Marketing

Welcome to the New Virtual Reality Marketing

VRM 2021 – Fresh. Smart. Useful.

The new VirtualRealityMarketing.com is a comprehensive resource on the global XR industry featuring a database of over 3000 XR companies, 500+ case studies, useful guides and articles, bi-weekly newsletter and a personalized referral service. All for free for our readers, users and visitors.

VRM’s vision is to deliver value to you, partners and clients. Goal is to make learning about immersive media, selecting XR creators and exploring useful case studies convenient and informative.

What is new this year?

The new site is smarter and information is easy to find through site search, vertical category organization, relevant content and informational resources like whitepapers, podcasts, webinars and articles.

VRM Referrals: VRM is launching a hand-qualified referral service. Submit a brief on your AR or VR project and our team of experts evaluates and recommends a shortlist of XR creators you can trust. Learn more here.

Ubereal XR Business Consulting: One-on-one in-depth strategic consulting service, lead generation and business development for select XR Creators. Additional information and application here.

VRM Reality Innovators Network on LinkedIn: Check out our new LinkedIn group—the largest VR/AR/MR, Reality Innovators group with over 60,000 members! Look for fresh posts, new case studies, lots of great information and networking. There will be lively discussions, technology predictions and many expert opinions—please join us and contribute to the community!

By | September 12, 2021