Metaverse for Business: Top 10 of VR 2021

Metaverse for Business: Top 10 of VR 2021

Metaverse for Business: Top 10 of VR 2021

With 3000+ member companies and more than 500 case studies, we keep a close eye on all things Metaverse, Virtual and Augmented Reality at Virtual Reality Marketing.

As we move into 2022, we want to be a guide to the business Metaverse and share our favorite examples of great VR experiences across most business verticals over the past year. As always, it’s a tough selection as there are so many great works out there.

So without further ado, here’s our Metaverse for Business: Top 10 of VR 2021.

Enterprise. Axel Springer Remote Meetings

To those in the media industry, Axel Springer needs little introduction. The Berlin-based company is one of Europe’s largest media groups and is at the forefront of digital publishing, with operations across more than 40 countries. It runs major titles like Bild and Die Welt alongside an expanding portfolio of digital classified businesses. Read More.

Company: Glue

Automotive. Kia Motor’s Car Design XR Collaboration

Kia Motors has always been an industry leader when it comes to implementing new and innovative tech in their design process.
Now, with Varjo XR-1 supported by Autodesk VRED, Kia’s visualization process can move to a totally immersive photorealistic environment. And that means global design reviews can go from days to an hour. Read More.

Company: Varjo

Retail. ShopperMX

A manufacturer had three different shelving strategies that were used in varying degrees across retail partners: ribboning, vertical blocks and horizontal blocks. They wanted to identify which was the best POG for their brands and move to implement this best practice across all retail partners. Read More.

Company: InContext Solutions

Entertainment. The Batman Experience

After AT&T completed its acquisition of Time Warner, a new dynamic duo emerged, transferring ownership of DC Comics and its lineup of iconic superhero IP to the world’s largest telecommunications company. And with Batman soon to be inducted into Comic-Con’s Character Hall of Fame on his 80th anniversary, MediaMonks helped AT&T show up with the guest of honor in style. Read More.

Company: MediaMonks

Marketing. Up Next in Commerce

Every day, online sellers of any industry must ask, “What’s next in commerce?” Even traditionally, in-person businesses are moving their physical stores to digital. The future is here. And e-commerce professionals live in it.
This Salesforce Commerce Cloud awareness campaign exists to help businesses stay a step ahead. Ahead of expectations, of the competition, and of whatever comes next. Read More.

Company: Groove Jones

Medical. VR Surgical Training

UConn Health is training orthopaedic surgery residents using VR solutions from PrecisionOS and Oculus. In a study conducted by PrecisionOS and the Canadian Shoulder And Elbow Society, Senior Surgical Residents who trained using VR learned 570% faster than those who used traditional learning approaches. Read More.

Company: Precision OS Technology

Industrial. Holis Offshore Digital Twin

Offshore Installations are complex assets with hundreds, or even thousands, of components to maintain and monitor. In most locations, operators have developed control systems with simple graphical interfaces that report real time responses of the equipment, and technicians are charged with monitoring these data output streams. Read More.

Company: Sentient Computing

Training. NHS – Blood Identification VR

Blood type identification is a simple and common process, but the effects of getting it wrong can be devastating. Even a small amount of transfused blood of the wrong type can very quickly cause serious illness & even death. Read More.

Company: Make Real Ltd

Sports. Danny Macaskill’s VR Ride Out

Over the last 10 years, hundreds of millions of people across the globe have perched on the edge of their seats, gathered around screens of pretty much every size, watching the mind-blowing and iconic videos of Danny MacAskill. Read More.

Company: Cut Media

Real Estate. Cad Design VR Sales Tool

The interactive experience gives the opportunity to prospective buyers to visit their future apartments and to explore the different finishes proposed by the real estate developer even before construction has started. Read More.

Company: CAD Design Maroc

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