Metaverse for Business: Top 10 of AR 2021

Metaverse for Business: Top 10 of AR 2021

Metaverse for Business: Top 10 of AR 2021

With 3000+ member companies and more than 500 case studies, we keep a close eye on all things Metaverse, Virtual and Augmented Reality at Virtual Reality Marketing.

As we move into 2022, we want to be a guide to the business Metaverse. We previously shared our top 10 of VR for 2021. And today, we’re all about AR. We hope you enjoy.

Here’s our Metaverse for Business: Top 10 of AR 2021.

Retail. AR In Restaurant

In the restaurant industry, your menu and your service are central motivations which attract consumers to your establishments and brand. Attracting consumers requires a strong reputation, an enticing menu and a good level of service. Read more.

Company: QReal 3D Technologies

Entertainment. Facebook Portal Story Time

Facebook means connection and sharing — just ask the 2.8 billion people who use it to chat with friends, see photos of cute pets or check in with Grandma and Grandpa. The company has developed vast multi-media platforms to help families across the globe spend time together even when apart.
Facebook Portal, a new device that facilitates video messaging, is an example of how FB is connecting families, business associates and friends. Read More.

Company: Invisible Thread

Training. Galderma Interactive Anatomy

Sector 5 Digital (S5D) created an easily accessible application for Galderma to educate injector trainees on facial anatomy and ensure a safer experience with patients, significantly reducing the cost and increasing the scale of quality anatomy training. Read More.

Company: Sector 5 Digital

Automotive. Mercedes-Benz Rescue Assist

Every second counts in a car accident. Daimler launched the MB Assist app for smartphones and tablets to provide rescuers with immediate digital rescue information about the vehicle model involved in a crash. Read more.

Company: Re’Flekt

Real Estate. Momentum in AR

Augmented reality exhibition “MOMENTUM” draws attention to two unlikely partners.
An unexpected collaboration between a portrait photographer and a real estate developer sees an augmented reality exhibition take the country by storm. Read more.

Company: Overly

Medical. AR Simulator For Plastic Surgery

ILLUSIO is an AR-based visualization platform. It’s a SaaS-based medical software company specializing in augmented reality visualization systems for plastic surgery. Their current platform combines a 3D scan of a patient with a Virtual Mirror to create a revolutionary surgeon consult experience. Read More.

Company: ILLUSIO, Inc.

Sports. Dallas Mavericks Masketball

The Dallas Mavericks have tapped Groove Jones again to create Masketball – a gamified digital AR experience for their fans. The game is part of a promotion with the UT Southwestern Medical Pediatrics Group and promotes the idea of wearing a mask to help combat the spread of COVID-19. Read More.

Company: Groove Jones

Aerospace. Bell Team Viper/Venom

Sector 5 Digital assisted Team Viper/Venom (TVV) to portray each of the 13 partners’ contributions to the AH-1Z and UH-1Y aircrafts, while showcasing it in a “Raid/Escort” scenario to be used as a sales tool to potential customers. Read More.

Company: Sector 5 Digital

AEC. Oracle Tiny Town

Oracle Utilities wanted to promote their cloud-based technology underpinning the utility smart grid. To help visualize the suite of solutions, Oracle created a micro version of a town – Oracle Tiny Town – enabled with their services, from smart houses that anticipate and communicate to drones that hover above the complex. Read More.

Company: EDX Technologies

LBE. Stories in Sounds

Combining intimate portraits, dynamic interviews, abstract artworks, and augmented reality videos, “Stories in Sounds” was born to celebrate the centenary of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (JVLMA). It is the invisible sound of music that people have produced and listened to since the beginning of time. But have you ever wondered what it would look like if music manifested itself physically? Read More.

Company: Overly

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