Metaverse Business Models

Metaverse Business Models

Metaverse Business Models

By Jordan Bishop

Through the years, trends in business have evolved following the global shift of processes to a more technologically-inclined setting. One of the biggest trends in business today is the metaverse, and it is gaining popularity and support for many reasons. One of the reasons behind the metaverse’s seemingly linear trajectory toward growth is the opportunities it provides to businesses in terms of selling and marketing their products.

But the metaverse is vast, and even if you as a business owner or marketer would want to indulge in all of its benefits, it’s still important to know which business models will bring the best value for your business and convert interactions into solid sales. Even though businesses like crypto mobile apps and NFT marketplaces may metaverse-native and an obvious fit, that doesn’t mean that even a shoemaker couldn’t benefit from testing the waters, so keep an open mind and keep reading this post.

What is the metaverse?

Before delving into the most value-inducing business models, you must first know what you’re getting into. The metaverse as a concept first appeared in 1992 in Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel titled “Snow Crash.” The term refers to a virtual-reality world where we live parallel lives in the internet.

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By | March 27, 2023