Nucco Brain London, Milan
We blend the old world and the new: the ancient tradition of storytelling and a youthful curiosity for diving headfirst into the latest technologies in content production, animation, VR and AR.
Antycip Simulation Paris, Adderburry, Saronno
Europe’s leading provider of professional grade COTS simulation software, projection & display systems, and related engineering services.
VR, LBE/Theme Parks
Digital Immersion Paris, Topanga, Rome, Msida
360° is a media with new narrative capabilities that lets you have experiences that are out of the ordinary. Drawing on ten years of experience and many clients, Digital Immersion now possesses unique expertise in ...
We create engaging experiences, making the public interact with the brand through stories that come to life around them.
Edge Lab Rome
We combine cutting edge technology with strategic thinking to create immersive virtual, physical and digital narratives for your brand.
360, VR, AR
Illogic Turin, Rome, Palermo
We do just business grade projects. We don’t do consumer applications. We are devoted to answer the Clients’ needs of innovation. We create state of the art solutions to improve efficacy and efficiency / cost re...
Immerxive Florence
Our team consists of creatives and coders, specialists providing AR and VR experiences and platforms for industry 4.0, training, EHS and marketing.
Orwell VR Milan
Orwell is a Virtual Studio Based in Milan who develops Virtual Reality immersive contents and produces 3D videoanimation with advanced graphical techniques. If you have an interesting project we are ready to make it...
Welcome to Proxima Milano, one of the most creative and technically advanced VFX – Post – XR – Motion Design studios in Italy.
360, VR, AR, Web XR, Entertainment, Marketing, Real-Estate, Retail, Travel / Tourism
Realmore Milan, London, Barcelona, Hong Kong
REALMORE is digital creative agency dedicated to building the best immersive experiences for multinational brands.
VR, AR, AEC, Real-Estate
Red Raion Acireale
We’re the first VR movie production company in the attractions industry, for the most advanced theaters and simulators. We make movies to make your audience feel the most intense thrills and emotions.
VR, LBE/Theme Parks
Revivit Viterbo
Our company combines the experience in real estate with the new technologies of the Virtual Reality to give everyone the possibility to have his/her own ideal house, to see it, to change it, to walk in it and to liv...
VR, AEC, Real-Estate
SolidColor Milan
SolidColor is a video production company since 2011, where professional filmmakers, motion designers and sound engineers works along with software developers and mechanical engineers in commercials, music videos and...
Two Reality Barcelona, Verona, London, Hong Kong
TWOREALITY is digital creative agency dedicated to building the best immersive experiences for multinational brands. We are specialized in cutting-edge technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality.
360, VR
Dal Brief alla distribuzione, sviluppiamo e realizziamo contenuti in realtà virtuale in grado di coinvolgere gli utenti con esperienze incredibilmente immersive e ingaggianti.
Viduate Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin, Mil...
What's the goal of your video? We produce the right video to reach that goal. Animated video, live-action video, 360° or VR video, drone video and much more.
Agenzia di marketing digitale/online a Bergamo
360, VR
THE VIRTUAL LAB is where education meets entertainment to create the most visually outstanding, highly immersive and emotionally impactful Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.
VR, LBE/Theme Parks
AmbiensVR Rome
AmbiensVR brings Arch&Design into Virtual Reality creating interactive multiplatform projects. We provide AVR Plugins and AVR Realization Service. With our tools users create their own VR project, adding multiple in...
VR, AEC, Real-Estate
Siamo uno studio Creativo e di progettazione specializzato nella costruzione di scenari da vivere in realtà virtuale.
VR, AEC, Real-Estate
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