VRARA GSO 2021 – How To Market Your XR Company?

VRARA GSO 2021 – How To Market Your XR Company?

VRARA GSO 2021 – How To Market Your XR Company?

Virtual Reality Marketing is a member of the VRARA—a global organization with over 50,000 members, 25 vertical committees and 50 chapters around the world. Their mission is to support the XR industry with resources, networking events and educational outreach. VRM has been at the forefront–providing information and business insights for the organization and its membership.

VRM leads the Marketing and Advertising Committee and developed a series of webinars to help viewers understand how immersive solutions are crafted, presented and priced. They showcase panels and interviews with CEOs, XR creators and brands, who share their inside knowledge, experience and know-how regarding development and production.

XR—VR, AR, MR– has become a hot topic in boardrooms and brainstorming sessions. Technology providers are building and scaling platforms, futurists are presenting trends and predictions and clients are looking for trusted partners to guide them into new immersive media. Studios and agencies have to create and communicate positioning and value propositions for their companies as they seek to market products and services to businesses of all sizes. And if this wasn’t challenging enough the global pandemic shuttered offices and everything became remote first– making this information particularly important and timely as technology was pulled forward to manage the crisis.

Recorded May, 2021


Terry Proto
CEO + Co-Founder of Virtual Reality Marketing

Deborah Worrell
Chief Strategy Officer and Partner at Virtual Reality Marketing

Natascha French
CEO and Founder of Scale Strategies

Leila Amirsadeghi
Senior Program Manager, Mixed Reality/ Director of Events, Altspace

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