Industrial Metaverse is a Game Changer

Industrial Metaverse is a Game Changer

Industrial Metaverse is a Game Changer

How enterprises can unlock the full potential of the industrial metaverse.

Even as technologists are trying to envision what the metaverse will bring for businesses and consumers, the industrial metaverse is already transforming how people design, manufacture, and interact with physical entities across industries.

“The industrial metaverse combines physical-digital fusion and human augmentation for industrial applications and contains digital representations of physical industrial environments, systems, assets and spaces that people can control, communicate, and interact with.”

– Thierry Klein, president of Bell Labs Solutions Research at Nokia

While definitions abound and it remains to be seen how the industrial metaverse will fully unfold, digital twins are increasingly viewed as one of its key applications. Used for everything from creating ecosystems when planning a new city to working out iterations of manufacturing processes, digital twins were first proposed in 2002 and later became a vital technology when the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) accelerated automation and digitization across industries.

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By | February 20, 2023