How to Explain the ‘Metaverse’ to Your Grandparents

How to Explain the ‘Metaverse’ to Your Grandparents

How to Explain the ‘Metaverse’ to Your Grandparents

By Aaron Frank

And by grandparents I mean MBA classmates who keep asking me what it is

A couple months ago, friends and business contacts started asking me for a crash course on my professional research studying virtual environments. This reflects an explosion, which you’re probably aware of, of the noise and hype surrounding something called the ‘Metaverse’.

This is an introduction for a complete or almost-beginner. There’s plenty of mainstream coverage on the issue, but it often conflates concepts: VR is not the Metaverse (though it’s related), crypto/Web3 by itself is not the Metaverse (though also related). Confusing, I know. Whether you’re a business person, or grandparent, this is my best effort to lay everything out.

Firstly, who am I to explain the Metaverse to the grandparent/MBAs of the world?

There are experts with more experience who are commenting smart things in this space, and I will cite many of them here. I was too young for Second Life in its prime, but I do come from what I might call the Oculus Rift generation.

Since 2013, I’ve used VR, built apps, and written related articles at Vice and other places. I’ve also worked at a Silicon Valley technology organization called Singularity University where I’ve researched, used, and built virtual worlds as my core focus. That’s the point of view I can offer.

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By | March 26, 2022