Government Enters The Metaverse

Government Enters The Metaverse

Government Enters The Metaverse

By Kyle Michl and Chris Copeland

Four trends reshaping government for the metaverse continuum

In May 2022, two contractor pilots, each flying a Berkut 540 aircraft, entered a section of sky over Ventura County, California, that took on an added dimension.

They had just entered a nascent military metaverse called the Combined Augmented Reality Battlespace
Operation Network (CARBON).

Outfitted with customized augmented reality (AR) headsets, the pilots could see each other from their
aircraft as they flew. But they could both see something else as well: a virtual Boeing KC-46 Pegasus Tanker, flying in formation with them. Each could see the same virtual tanker, but from their own perspectives based on their precise locations in the sky. While one pilot performed a refueling training mission with the virtual tanker, the other pilot observed in real-time.

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By | November 30, 2022