Find The Best VR Studio for Your Project

The 360/VR industry is exploding with new production companies popping up by the day. With so many studios to choose from finding the best VR studio for your project might seem like a daunting task. Here are some thing to consider when searching for a VR studio.


Try VR for yourself

VR is really one of those things that you need to experience to fully understand. So do take the time to try out as many different VR experiences as possible before you start looking for a studio. By doing this you will have a much better grasp of what is possible and what is not possible to do. You are also bound to unlock some great ideas for your brand by experiencing what others have done.


Decide what sort of VR format you need

Next step is to define what it is you need. Often the product or service you want to market lends itself to one given format. Take a hotel manager, a non-profit organization and a car dealership for example. They all have different needs. For the hotel manager a fancy 360 video experience showing of his place might be the given choice. The non-profit might want a powerful and emotional, story driven experience to grab the hearts of the viewers. The car salesman, after taking the prospective buyer for a test drive, might want to let his customer pick apart the engine, customize the paint and seats or put on some custom wheels. For that a “true” computer generated VR experience is the obvious choice.

And that’s why you need to understand what format you need. Some of our members are good at both 360 and VR but most are focused on one in particular. And within a certain format some studios specialize in certain niches, like travel or real estate for example. If you know what format you want, finding the right studio will be a lot easier.


VR marketing of a car. We can help you find the best VR studio for any project.
VR marketing can take many forms. Customizing and “test driving” a car from the comfort of your living room will soon be a reality.


Settle on a budget

“How much does it cost?” is perhaps the most important question for anybody that is looking to try out 360/VR marketing. Unfortunately this is like asking “How long is a piece of string?” There are an almost infinite number of variables that will influence the final cost of your VR experience. Depending on how much money you are prepared to spend different options will open up. If you are on a tight budget you might have to settle for a 360 video experience, as they cost less to produce than computer generated interactive VR experiences. But, as with everything you get what you pay for when it comes to 360/VR. That leads us to our next topic:


Realize that quality is king when it comes to VR

The best VR studio is not the cheapest VR studio. Let me explain. The reason why VR is so compelling as a marketing tool is its immersive nature. A good 360/VR experience will delight your audience. A bad experience on the other hand, because of the mediums immersive nature, can backfire big time. There is no escaping a VR experience, you can’t look away or leave the room to make a sandwich like you would when the TV commercials come on. A bad VR experience will at best leave your audience disappointed but could even make them nauseous – literally. So if you are going do to VR , make sure you do it right. Quality is king, quality is king, quality is king. Yes, we said that three times. So you don’t forget about it. It really is that important.


Find a studio that matches your size

VR studios now range from massive corporations with hundreds of employees down to tiny one-person businesses. Bigger is not always better though. If you are a small company yourself a smaller VR studio that can give you that personal touch might be the way to go. If you are looking to shoot a 360 video on a $10 000 budget larger studios will generally not be interested in taking on your project. Some small studios might be interested though.


Investigate the focus of the company

One factor to consider is if the company is strictly focused on VR/360 or not. There are plenty of software companies that also do VR and there are plenty of video production companies that also do 360 video. But as you know becoming an expert in any field usually requires that you specialize in that particular niche. Therefore you might want to consider going with a studio that is dedicated to your medium of choice.


Check out portfolios

This is a no-brainer, but always check out previous work to see what you can expect and if your artistic vision matches the studio’s work. Also check and see if they have worked with any big brands. Find out how long the studio has been in business. But also don’t disregard studios on the basis that they don’t have a lot of amazing references yet. After all the VR industry is young and building a portfolio takes time. At this point everybody is still learning.


Talk to the studios!

Our members are more than happy to hop on a call to discuss your project. They will tell you what is possible and what to expect for your budget. Talk to a few different studios to get the feel of the people behind them and make sure you guys click and share the same artistic vision before settling on a studio.


Meet them face to face

Even better than talking is meeting. Visit the studios you are interested in and have them show you their stuff. Doing VR experiences together in the same room is the best way to convey what it is you are trying to get across and sort out question marks.


Choosing the best VR studio

Still not sure what studio to pick? Picking the best VR studio is difficult, time consuming and frustrating. Going with a studio that doesn’t understand your needs or lacks the experience needed can be a costly. We get it.

That’s why we started our recommendation service. As the biggest VR directory in the world we have the expertise to help you find the best VR studio for your particular needs. Send us a brief explaining your project and we will recommend three top quality studios that have the right experience for your needs. This service is free.

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February 23, 2018 by Rick