Client Cinétévé
Digital Agency HKI
Interactive Dev Alter Equals
Studio Exzeb
Installation Design Labsterium

French broadcaster France Télévisions wanted to promote the launch of Season 2 of their TV series Witnesses (Les Témoins). We were brought in to leverage immersive technologies that can bring the audience closer to the story and characters from the show – like Emilie.

Emilie has been locked in a basement, abused and tortured. There, she gave birth to her captor’s baby, who kidnapped him and left Emilie for dead.

We designed a groundbreaking escape room where two players collaborate across time & space dimensions to save Emilie. They step into a (real) set recreation of the basement where Emilie was held.

One player explores the physical space, whilst their partner – fitted with an HTC Vive – enters Emilie’s tortured mind in VR. To find Emilie, they have to communicate & interact with physical and virtual objects to find clues.

First escape room that integrates virtual reality into gameplay
Sold-out for all four months the experience ran in 2017
Re-launched for 7 months at le 104 in Paris from June-July 2018