AHRE Studio

Adidas’s goal was simple – to excite and challenge their adrenaline junkie customers in a way they would have never expected. The key was to find an unforgettable way to market TERREX, the line of outdoor apparel & accessories. adidas provided us with 360-degree footage of accomplished climbers Ben Rueck and Delaney Miller ascending the Delicatessen mountain in Corsica.

We integrated this content with interactive, real-time 3D VR so that users feel like they’re part of Ben and Delaney’s journey in a whole new way.Jumping in and out of breathtaking 360 footage, the story unfolds and tension builds. Suddenly, Delaney slips – just a few meters away from the summit. That’s when players are thrust into her shoes to complete the climb from a first-person POV, with their own two hands.

Showcased in 50 TERREX shops across 10 cities in China
Showcased at adidas’ Rockstars event
Showcased at adidas’ Global Marketing Meeting of 800 Adidas executives in Germany.