Massive growth in the number of VR producers

The number of 360 video and VR studios is growing at an explosive rate. Every day a new VR studio is started somewhere in the world. now lists 1784 studios in 72 countries.



The rumours of VR’s death have been greatly exaggerated


It seems like we are reading about the death of VR on a weekly basis. But from our perspective VR is steaming ahead full speed. There is no way of knowing the exact number of VR producers out there. But’s membership numbers are a pretty good indicator of the overall trend.

– It’s astonishing to see the number of VR studios launching at such a rapid pace. We started our directory back in 2015, before HTC Vive and Oculus had even launched, with 99 studios as members. Fast forward a couple of years and we have 1700 members. We estimate that on average 1,5 new VR studios open for business somewhere in the World every day. And VR is just getting started, says co-founder Rick Berglin.

– People always talk about the VR industry, and wonder if VR is dead or if it’s thriving. Personally, I think that looking at the AR/VR world as a whole is missing the point.  Rather, I find it’s about how the new immersive tools and technologies are affecting all the other industries. if you look around, you see lots of really exciting of use cases for these technologies that start to have a real impact across several business verticals. In the end, it’s not about the VR industry but rather all about what VR and AR can do for everyone else, says Terry Proto, also a co-founder of


A VR studio is born every day


On average 1,5 new VR studios open its doors somewhere in the World every day. Since the launch of the directory we have seen some changes in the composition of its members.

– When we first launched we had some survivors from the first VR wave in the 90s along with some new ambitious studios waiting to surf the next wave. Over time we saw how VR and 360 video producers started to pop out of the ground. What happened next was that existing creative agencies and production companies started jumping on the bandwagon and adding “VR” and “360” to their existing capabilities. To us that’s a signal that VR and 360 video is starting to go mainstream in the marketing world, says Rick Berglin.


Why VR marketing will raise the bar for quality VR


Virtual Reality Marketing exists to help brands find a suitable VR studio for their marketing needs. We are convinced that branded content will be a major part of VR consumption in the future.

– Brands will drive high quality VR forward. VR experiences cost a lot of money to produce. Regardless of what you or I may think about it the big brands are the ones sitting on the money to pay for top notch VR. And they are very much incentivized to pay. It’s every marketers dream to be able to totally immerse your audience in a universe of his or hers making. If you do it right you will have people actively coming back for more, telling their aunt and her cat and its siblings to try your brand’s VR experience too.

– The one thing missing at the moment is, as we all know, mass adoption on the user side. Once we have comfortable, good quality headsets at affordable prices we will see an explosion of quality VR content from brands all over the world, says Rick Berglin.




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Some more statistics:


The top 5 countries with the most VR/AR/360 studios


United States – 556 studios

United Kingdom – 272 studios

Canada – 105 studios

France – 85 studios

Germany 82 studios


The top 5 cities with the most VR/AR/360 studios


London – 139 studios

Los Angeles – 124 studios

New York – 101 studios

Paris – 61 studios

San Francisco – 41 studios

November 1, 2018 by Rick