How will VR impact consumer behaviour in the future?

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“Shopping could be an exciting adventure”


Sergio Irigoyen: VR is already having a big impact in marketing products and services, people are immune to traditional mediums, like videos, magazines or any type of advertisement — everyone is totally saturated, passively receiving information is no longer effective.

In the future, mundane tasks like going shopping could be an exciting adventure and likely a perfectly normal and natural part of your everyday life — it will allow you to experience physical products, in context and understand exactly how they work.

Something I see happening in the very near future is product placement. Movies and TV series are giant commercials full of product placement and endorsements — XR will dominate entertainment and allow us to participate in the narrative — it will allow us to be the protagonist, to be the hero that drives the car while the advertisers feed us slogans, messages and upgrade options.

Sergio Irigoyen is Head of VR at Neutral Digital — an immersive content creator for the luxury travel sector.




“X-commerce will allow people to do things they can’t in real life”


Amelia Kallman: I see X-Commerce as the evolution of e-commerce because it will allow people to do things they can’t in real life, like being able to try on clothes from multiple ‘stores’ together or with something you already have in your wardrobe. It also has great potential for building emotional currency through telling brand stories, throwing virtual events, and offering more personalised services as AI becomes deeply integrated into the VR experience.

Amelia Kallman is a Futurist and the Communications Director at Inition. Inition creates new realities and insightful experiences with technology at its pulse.




“Brick-and-mortar superstores will evolve into compact points of sale”


Samuel Mound: VR is great to help people preview something that is not previewable and experienceable in real life. That means VR is great to help consumers see what their future home will look like once it’s built, test several furniture arrangements, customize a new car that wasn’t produced yet… in other words VR is a great tool to help consumers make the right purchase decision. That means it is also very profitable for retailers who are more likely to boost conversion rates and also cut costs by reducing showrooms, storage and therefore sales areas. The massive brick-and-mortar superstore model will evolve into much more compact points of sale truly focused on customer experience.

Samuel Mound is a Marketing Strategist & Account Manager at V-Cult – a company focused on empowering product and retail designers, brand educators, storytellers and sales geniuses thanks to its 10-year background in immersive web and VR/AR technologies.




“Businesses will be transformed by the technology”


Sol Rogers: The concept of virtual workspaces will become a reality, VR will entertain in the back of autonomous cars, classrooms everywhere will have access to the technology facilitating better learning, physical and emotional pain will continue to be eased by VR, and businesses will be transformed by the technology.

Sol Rogers is the CEO and Founder of REWIND. The company uses new technologies to deliver immersive (VR/AR/MR) software solutions for the world’s largest companies, agencies, and brands.

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“VR will have its own economy”


I perceive user purchasing digital assets (clothing, tools, experiences, digital real estate, etc…), in other words, I expect it’s own economy and ecosystem. AR, on the other hand, will become inseparable from the way we purchase products in the real world.

Mark Matthews is a Marketing Strategist at NEXT/NOW, a next-gen Experiential Tech Company that specializes in AR/VR, touch, gesture, motion tracking. and more.

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