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With the World’s most comprehensive list of 360/VR/AR studios VirtualRealityMarketing.com is the go to-site for anybody considering an immersive marketing project. Ranking high in our search results is a great way to get discovered by brands and marketers. So how can you rank higher and get more eyes on your studio? Two ways: 



Not only do you get a higher ranking by becoming a paying member but you also get to show the world what you can do by uploading images and videos to make your profile page really pop. We offer two types of paid memberships. SILVER ($49 per month) and GOLD ($99 per month). GOLD members rank higher than SILVER members but all paying members always rank above FREE members.

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We give a higher ranking to studios that add value to our visitors. Our interviews are a neat way for you to do that. By partaking in a Q&A you get to showcase your company to your potential clients and rank higher at the same time.

The boost in ranking is within the membership category you are a part of. Meaning if you are a FREE member you will rank above other FREE members that have not completed an interview. If you are a SILVER member and partake in an interview you will rank above other SILVER members that have not partaken and so on.


Interested in doing an interview? The way it works is that we send you a list of questions, and you send us your replies in your own time.


Shoot us a message at hello@virtualrealitymarketing.com and we will get back to you with the instructions!



We reward early adopters. Everything else equal, rank is determined by when you become a paying member. For example; If you and your competitor are both GOLD members and have both added value by doing a Q&A the studio that first became a paying member will rank above the other studio. Signing up early is therefore a great way of guaranteeing a top spot in our ranking system – forever.


July 9, 2018 by Rick